Monday, May 12, 2014


After work today I walked in my room and, as is often the case, I felt a bit like the Pied Piper.  In walked Xander, Taylor, Sophi and Lexi.  They all had different things they wanted to share with their Dad.  Or perhaps they just wanted to be near me since they had missed me so much during the day!  For awhile I listened to the various streams of info coming at me.  Somehow it didn't matter how I responded, they always seemed to come up with another item of interest or concern they wanted to communicate.  Finally I said, "Will everyone go out of the room so I can change my clothes?"

Taylor, Xander and Sophi started towards the door.  Lexi said, "Hey Sweetie.  I'm blind!  (Little giggle.)  I can call you Sweetie, right?"

Yes, Lex, you may call me Sweetie!

After dinner we had our weekly family night.  Christi was in charge and we did an art project.  All of the kids were drawing this or writing that.  Lexi said, "Hey Dad.  Do you know what I'm drawing?"  I looked over at her paper covered in multi-colored scribbles.  Hoping I might make a lucky guess I threw some things out:





"Our family?"

"Nope.  Dad, look at my paper!"

What a poignant little comment.  Look at my paper.  She had no idea that I had been looking intently at her paper the entire time.  Look at my paper.  She honestly thought that what she was drawing would be easily identifiable if someone saw it.  Look at my paper.  A perfect melding of optimism and oblivion.  I love you, Lex.  You are the epitome of a Sweetie!

By the way, if I had half a clue I would have guessed what she was drawing.  It was Anna and Elsa from Frozen.  What else?!?