Friday, December 31, 2010

M is for manliness!

Christi and I love to laugh. We love watching comedies together. Unfortunately, most of the sit-coms currently on TV are laced (or drenched) with profanity and vulgar jokes, so we enjoy old movies and classic sit-coms. We own every episode of "I Love Lucy," we recently finished watching "Dick Van Dyke," and we are now watching a show from the 70's...

Last night I played in a church basketball game. I was once an above average basketball player. Now I am 38 and huff and puff as I run up and down the floor. But once in awhile I can get in a rhythm. Last night, Taylor and Parker came to watch me play. After each quarter, they would run out on the court and update me on my stats. "Dad, you've scored 6 points. That's one third of your team's score!" So I had a really good 2nd half last night. I went 7-9 with three 3-pointers including a go-ahead 3 with 20 seconds left. It was the only time we were in the lead all night, and the score stood. We won. The boys rushed the court afterwards. "Dad, you scored over half your team's points and you hit the game-winner!!!" "Aw, shucks boys. I just got lucky. It was a team effort." etc. But I must admit I did feel kinda manly. After all, I was probably the oldest guy there and Taylor had declared me the MVP of the game.

Afterwards, as the players were recuperating and talking, several guys talked about what they were going to do when they got home. Watch Sportscenter. Eat a big, manly meal. Watch the end of the Nebraska-Washington football game. I couldn't quite bring myself to let them know how excited I was to get home, relax with my wife and watch...Mary Tyler Moore!


PS. I was going to call my mom and tell her what a great game I had (since she's the only one who might care), but that drops so far off the masculinity scale that she'll just have to read it here:)