Sunday, April 8, 2012

More Jesi-isms

The other night Jessica came up to me and said, "Daddy, do you notice something?" This is not an unusual occurrence at our house. With five daughters, I am frequently asked to notice this or that about someone's outfit or hair or the like. I responded, "Your beautiful hair?" "No." "Your beautiful clothes?" "No." "Your beautiful shoes?" "Daddy, it has nothing to do with my beauty!" OK, then:) (I don't even remember what I was supposed to notice, but clearly it wasn't her lack of self-esteem.)

Yesterday, Christi was doing Jesi's hair. She was standing near a door with a mirror on it. Jesi turned and caught a glimpse of herself, and, in complete sincerity, commented, "Hello, Gorgeous!"

Jesi used to do Kung Fu moves with Xander. Hers were quite entertaining. Yesterday I asked her to do some of her Kung Fu moves for me. "I don't have any more Kung Fu moves." "Why not?" "Now I just have fabulous poses!" She was very obliging when I asked for a demonstration. She looked like she was preparing for a trip down the catwalk.

At Christi's annual Easter reunion this weekend Jessica was talking to Christi's cousin Melissa. "How many kids do you have," she asked. "Three boys." "You only have boys?" "Yes." "You need to get you some girls!"

After the above mentioned reunion (a three-day-camping-in-the-Utah-desert affair) we got back to civilization late last night. Jesi was monopolizing the bathroom and Christi wanted to shower. Christi knocked on the bathroom door. Jesi, in a very matter-of-fact, formal voice, "Um, I'm very sorry out there, but this bathroom is occupied." "Jess, you need to hurry." "I'm sorry out there, but the bathroom is occupied."

What would we do without our little princess?