Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sweet Conner

Conner is so sweet with his siblings.  He is particularly mindful of Elli and Sophi.  He will often give them hugs and talk to them.  In spite of Elli's special needs, he often reaches out to her and tries to let her know she is loved.   We're so grateful to have him in our family!  Thanks for being such a great big brother!

Cousin Ben

Over Valentine's Day weekend, my nephew Ben came to hang out with us.  He LOVES Xander and always looks forward to seeing him:)  And Xander loves it when Ben comes to visit.  Thanks, Ty and Laura for letting him stay with us.  Here are Ben and X-man all dressed for church:

Fashion Models!

Happy Birthday Lex!

Lexi is often at Grandma's house for her birthday it falls right after Christmas.  But even if she's in Ferron, she still gets breakfast in bed, gifts and birthday cake (Or, this year, cupcakes:)

We didn't get around to her actual party for a couple of months.  Lexi has always wanted an outdoor Teen Beach Movie party, but with a birthday in the dead of winter, that hasn't usually been feasible.  But with the unseasonably warm weather we had this year, we had a beach party in February!  She had pictures at the "beach," outdoor games, and even a campfire with hotdogs and S'mores.  Happy birthday Lex.  You are SUCH a special and important part of our family:)