Sunday, June 9, 2013

Puzzle Them Home

It's been awhile!  I have so much to write about that it is an overwhelming task that I keep putting off.  I guess I'll just have to zero in on one thing-- how about the UNBELIEVABLY OFF-THE-CHARTS INCREDIBLE  HOUSE THAT IS OURS?!!!!!!  Oh my goodness, the thing is AMAZING!  I still am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it is our home.  Every day, I fluctuate between feelings of excitement, gratitude, guilt, happiness, sheepishness, and a joy I can't describe as I contemplate what this will mean to each of our children.  We are having SO MUCH FUN with this whole process.  Nearly every day, there's something to do pertaining to the house-- a meeting, planning session, trips to pick out stone, stucco, flooring, cabinets, lighting, countertops, etc...  That on top of an already busy end-of-school-year with nine cute kiddos has kept us super busy-- but in the best possible way.

We love to take trips to "the house" and are over there every day-- often more than once.  It's kind of like Christmas every day, seeing what new things have been done and just basking in the awesomeness of the whole thing!  I am glad to say that every time I go over there, I love it more and more.  (:  It is seriously breathtakingly beautiful-- a dream home in every way.  As I said, I still can't believe that it's ours.  I want every one of you who have been part of this in any way that we are so incredibly GRATEFUL.  Don't ever doubt it.  I know that I will never be able to convey the depth of it to you...

We are getting a bit nervous for our incredible builder, Bret Wright of Huish Construction.  He has had some setbacks that are not his fault and getting this home done in time for the Parade is going to take some miracles! He is working his tail off and could still use help.   If you are aware of anyone wanting to contribute in the areas of landscaping, painting, staging, sheetrocking-- please let us know. 

Because it's somewhat unclear on the Puzzle Them Home page, I want to explain a little bit better how this house is coming to fruition.  Last week, our construction loan finally came through.  It took a long time because it was a bit of an unconventional loan.  Citywide has been amazing.  They learned about the project and have worked so hard to make this happen for us.  They have waved thousands of dollars in fees, plus, they have allowed us to use pledges of free or discounted labor/materials as down payment for the loan.  In other words, because of the incredibly generous, good people out there who are helping with the building of the home, we were able to qualify for the loan.  That combined with the just over $30,000 in cash contributions  has allowed us to build the kind of home that will meet and exceed the needs of our family.   Our Father in Heaven has given us great financial blessings over the last couple of years.  We have seen miracles happen that have allowed us to qualify for this kind of a home.  I am so VERY aware of these blessings-- and I know that there are so many out there struggling financially right now-- many of whom have contributed to this project.  Like I said, it is very humbling.  We are very grateful.  It will lighten our burdens in so many ways to have this home, and we are committed to continue to strive to lighten the burdens of those around us.

This whole thing is nothing short of a miracle.  It has reminded me of the great love that God has for each of His children.  The love He has for me.  I feel so blessed that my children will grow up in a home such as this, but I'm aware that most children will not. 

I KNOW of His love for each one of them, and I have faith that His watchful eye is over them.  I KNOW that mansions await in heaven... I am so grateful for that knowledge so that I might enjoy this blessing with a little bit lighter heart.

We have met so many wonderful people along the way.  I have one especially neat story to tell concerning a brother of one of our blog readers-- but I'm waiting for pictures to put with it!  You will die-- it is so cool!

In a couple of days we will be taking a new family picture for our puzzle!!  This is the puzzle that will hang in the living room during the Parade of Homes (and of course afterward) with the names of all those who have contributed IN ANY WAY printed along the edge of the mat.  The names won't be printed for a few more weeks, but we don't want to leave anyone out-- I am so paranoid about that-- so I thought I would list the names that I have right now.  I have deliberately left out a couple of names that will give surprises away to my kids.   I am SURE I have missed others, because there are so many involved and keeping track is very hard!  In fact, I can think of some people now that have helped and I just can't think of their names...  If you know of someone missing (including YOURSELF) I would just DIE if you didn't tell me!  You can comment here or send me an email (  With so many people helping, I don't want anyone to fall through the cracks.  And I want to be able to look at that puzzle for the rest of my life and just bless your sweet names!!!  (:  Oh, and if you are listed individually but want your family/spouse listed, or if your name is spelled wrong or ANYTHING else-- please let me know!  If your business is listed because you discounted or donated materials and you want individuals listed as well, please tell us!  I will update this list on our blog every week until we print it so that we can get everything right!  Obviously, donations received after today will be added to the list.  Also, we received a few anonymous donations.  Whoever you are out there, you have made us look at everyone in a more Christlike light-- it is humbling to realize that anyone we associate with could be that anonymous giver.  (:

Here is the list:

Bret Wright and family
Huish Construction
Danny and Chrissy Probst
Rick and Julianne Rawlins
Brad and Lauren Hardcastle
Sorensen Legacy Foundation
Children and the Earth
Jackie Jones
Laneel Perry
Tami Huber
Erin Weist
Chris and Jenn Johnson
Kirk and Megan Voss
Honeyville Farms
Jamie Walker
Walker Home Design
Adrian Tidd
American Standard
Jacob and Monica Burby family
The Sunshine Foundation
Marathon Moulding
Steve and Jamie Brown
Ethan, Erin, Emily, David, Annika, and Isaac Olson
Gary and Denise Christiansen
Lauren, Logan, and Erin Christiansen
T.J. Thorne
John Weichers
Chadwick Lighting and Design
Angie Mann
Sami Davis
Dawson and Carson
Antje Lee
Blackburn family
Amber Brosig
Jodi Frkovich
Elizabeth Liljenquist
Dan and Brooke Liljenquist
Allen and Rosemary Green
Lance Purser
Creative Spaces Landscaping
Great Harvest Bread
Rose Canyon Stake Young Single Adults
Clyde Smith
The Sunshine Foundation
Jeff and Kristen Perry family
Aston Enterprises
Reid's Concrete Services
JC Jones Construction
Burton Lumber
Beehive State Builders
The Nest on Main
Vanessa Stevens
Densley Plumbing
Quicksilver Construction
Western Air
Hansen Insulation
Dave and Elaine Kruckenberg
Finish Guys
Carpet Diem
PoBoyz Karpet
Hearth and Home
The Cabinet Gallery
RC Willey
Victor Rathaar
Munchkin Radio
Amber Creek Counseling
Missy Jessop
Emily Johnson
Donna Straight
Jennifer Green
Tiffany Wade
Naomi Osuna
Craig Wales
Jeremy and Leslie Larson
Hong Carter
Colleen Smith
Shandie Evans
Hilary Johnson
Matt Curtis
Virginia Vaeth
Angela Stephens
Cameron Nelson
Stephen Rawlins
Wayne Storey
Nicholas Nelson
Michael and Tonja Yost
Dean and LaRita Nelson
Chris and Becky Wilson family
Danny and Breanna Nelson
Matthew and Megan Nelson
Mikelle Stephenson
The Jewelry Jar
Lynda Wilson
Maegan Davis
Carmen Smith
Steven Dalton
Tiffiny Perry
Nixon, Brynley and Landon Winzeler
Catherine Kipp
DJ Gibb
Kylie Read
Kevin Brinkerhoff
Mark and Jean Vanderkooi
David and Sydney Young
Markus Schellenberg
Jenny Hunter
Allyson Jacobs
Michael and Kerry Dorius
Adam and Jill Kynaston
Katie Auger
Jon Risley
Ray and Jolene Simon
Patricia Norwood
Kimberly Jackson
Yuexia Zhu
Princess Rose Petal
Princess Butterfly
Selda Einsiedel
Sandi Sabin
Katherine Singleton
Ashley Flora
Jason and Kara McKendrick
Ramach and Raumrty Kompella
Dominic Fawcett
Gregory Lee
Chad Smith
Duane and Linda Elmer
Todd Cheney
Michelle Wickham
Wayne Wright
Jodie Ann Wright
The Children's Circus
Kaye Holman
Steven Wasserbaech
Ed McLughlin
Kristen Landsgaard
Stewart Behling
Mark Baker
Jocelyn Egbert
Robert Merrell
Sarah Gray
Eggers Family
Steven Wise
Brian J Thorsen
J & C Spectrum LLC
Charles Harrell
Tony Pearce
Marty and Linda Utley
David Wallentine
Rosalie Warnock
Debbie Perez
Chris Parker family
Debra Miller
Ted and Linnita Proctor
LM Post
Camille Cox
Emily McClelland
Kristin Bishop
Larry Clark
Brynn Steimle
Suncrest Software Solutions
Justin Honold
Shauna Cox
Woody and Betty Whitlock
Ashlee Swensen
Julian Wolfson
Gayla Schmidt
L. Scott Leishman
R. Steve Davis
Lowell Leishman
Nancy Kidder
Leslie Rupper
Lois Rosier
Savannah and Christopher Rosier
Leslie Peay
Lora Hardman
Julie Markham
Boyd and Shelly Stewart
David Larsen
Jason Fabert
Wendy Stubbs
Brent Davis
Tamara Jo Taylor
Gary Brown
Josh Gorringe
Lynn Nunes
Philip A. Harding
Jenny Reed
Julie Dennis
Laura Parker
Michael and Brittany Houck
Lowell Snow
Lori Brubaker
Dawn Yocus
Laila Gridley
Emily Gilgen
Carol Sampson
Nancy Bates
Kathy Kratchmer
Elizabethe Hawes
Gwen Rich
Kathleen Hewlett
Bills Family
Jenny Morris
Jan Douglas
Dustin Butler
Jacob Carley
Suzanne Newbold
Leslie Bonham
Charmaine Gaudet
Elissa Looney
Laura Johnson
Janice McAllister
Amy Haran
Tracie Dakters
Dennis Dooley
Barry Nelson
Elyse Walker
Julie Seamons
Gigi Fioresi
Steve Critchfield
Mark Miner
Jennifer Brinkerhoff
Josh Hansen
Rebekah Johnson
Ketherine Ralie
Jan McKinnon
Seth and Nikki Devey
Debbie Womack
Seth and Chelsea Miner
Annemaria Duran
Joseph Cloward
Audrey Dang
Laura Johnson
Dirk Johnson
Jacob Johnson
Julene Johnson
Adam Johnson
Karen Johnson
Amanda Tomaszewski
Jessica Barrett
Gary Fordham
Denise Parch
Natalie Celske
Keith Mortensen
Vanessa and Ben Henry
Teri Suiter
Alisa Weeks
Stephen Rawlins
Emily Yungfleisch
Jennifer Johnson
Patsy Despain
Clint Muhlestein
Andrea Hales
Ted and Debbi Nelson
Amanda Wilkinson
Jim Brantley
Bandice Bringhurst
Chelsie Pykes
Kathleen Hansen
Pauline Syles
Karen Stuttard
The Duncan Family
Matthew Boyce
Paul and Vicki Peacock
Rigby Family
LaRue Larsen
Suzanne Stott
Families For Children
Ryan and Melissa Barclay
Steve McMurtrey
Doug Hecox
Holly Richardson
Nikki Malmgren
Jenny Hanson
Channy Philips
Leah Cox
Karine Christensen
Jeanette Buttars
April, Julian, and Anabelle Wolfson

Just so you know, writing this list was a beautiful experience as I remembered one by one everyone that has been part of this.  Thank you so very much!