Friday, May 10, 2013


I have been around a lot of baseball over the last many years.  I have thrilled to watch my oldest boys make spectacular plays, hit out-of-the-park home runs and pitch some mean innings.  But I have never been prouder of them on a baseball diamond than I was at Sophi's and Lexi's first baseball game two weeks ago.  Soph and Lex are playing in the Salt Lake County Miracle League on the Tampa Bay Rays team.  This is a special league.  Each player has a helper that assists them both in the field and at bat.  Nobody gets out, and the competitive fire is non-existent.  Christi was at the hospital with Graci that Saturday, so I was the only parent going.  I asked the kids who would like to come to the game, and Taylor and Parker both said they would love to go.  I can't remember which of them said, "They've come to so many of our games; I would love to support them today!"  What great young men.

On the way there, I tried to point out this support from their brothers.  "Sophi,"  I said.  "Taylor and Parker are so nice and want to come to your game."  I expected perhaps a thank you.  Instead she very seriously nodded her head and said, "OK.  They can come!"  :)

At game time, Taylor and Parker said they would like to be the assistants for their sisters.  Both boys were so sweet and patient.  The girls just loved it.  Sophi batted with her chin.  Lexi couldn't stop giggling as they ran the bases.  After each hit, the rec center staff throw balls out toward everyone in the outfield so everyone can field a ball and throw (or in Sophi's case, kick) it back in.  I was moved to tears, not only by my own children, but by all of the special, special people involved in this endeavor.  Our kids have helped us to experience so many wonderful blessings and added such richness to our lives.  Here are some pics:

Our lives are certainly filled with miracles!  Our favorite to follow right now keeps growing: