Thursday, August 31, 2017

Happy Birthday Conner!

It is somewhat surreal to watch all of our kids growing up.  We currently have 6 teenagers (in about six months we will have 9!).  Two licensed drivers, two with learner's permits (graci drove on the street for the first time yesterday.  The two of us are still alive, that's all we'll say about that.) One graduated and four more in high school.  It's really fun!

July 17 was Conner's 17th birthday.  (How cool is that?  17 on 7/17/17!)  How far he has come in the three years he's been in our family.  We love him so much!  His sense of humor and quick wit add loads of fun to our home.  It has been a joy to hear his beautiful piano music throughout our house over the past few months as his love of the piano seems to have come back.  He works hard in school and is preparing to go to college after he graduates.  The kids he at school all love him.  It's such a blessing for us as parents to see so many students come up and talk to him any time we're on campus.

Thanks, Conner, for being such a great son and for being an amazing example to all of your brothers and sisters!