Friday, October 11, 2013

More camping

The weekend after I went with the boys, Jesi, Graci, Cali, Lexi and I went on our annual daddy daughter campout.  This is the third year we've done this, and it seems like there another girl each time?!?  Go figure.

In the past we've gone to Clover Springs Campground.  To me, this is just about a perfect campground.  Beautifully nestled in a canyon, there are few campsites, few people and few intrusions on the serenity of the great outdoors.  Very little light pollution lends itself to fantastic night skies.  I love it!  Unfortunately, this year we were running a bit late, so instead of making the 70 minute drive to Clover Springs, we went to a campground that's about 15 minutes from our home.  Willow park was probably fairly remote at one time, but suburban sprawl has completely surrounded it at this point.  It has fairly busy roads all around it, a gazillion people camping in it and tons of light pollution obscuring all but the brightest of stars.  I was a bit disappointed, but kept my feelings to myself so the girls could form their own opinions.

At first, Jessici was a bit put off by the number of people we saw as we drove around to find an individual site.  Fortunately we were able to find one on the edge of the campground with few people right by us.  Once we got to setting up camp, Jesi seemed ok.  But once she took a trip to the restroom, she thought we'd stumbled upon the Garden of Eden.  She came rushing back from the loo and breathlessly exclaimed, "There are REAL toilets in there!  They flush and everything!!!  And sinks, too!!!  I love it here!!!!!"  I now know the first question we should ask when evaluating recreational venues for our girls:)  I wonder what Jess would say if she knew that Taylor, Parker and I will soon be embarking on a camping trip where we'll use these...;)

Willow Park was probably the better campground for Cali.  Flatter areas for her wheelchair and better bathroom facilities.  The picnic table was sitting on a raised concrete platform about three inches above ground level.  Cali repeatedly went up and down the ledge on her own.  Only once did she do a nose dive, but she got right up with a smile on her (slightly dirty) face.

Camping with the girls is a bit different than going with the boys.  Instead of talking about sports and hiking, we talk about make believe kingdoms and the royal inhabitants thereof.  Instead of, "we can set up the tent for you," it's "Daddy, how do you pound in one of these pointy things?"  But it's just as fun, and a wonderful, tender memory.  Thanks, my sweet dollies, for still wanting to spend the weekend with dad.  I better treasure it while it lasts!