Friday, June 30, 2017

Sophi's impressions of me

For Father's Day, Sophi's sunday school class filled out a worksheet called "All About My Dad."  She drew a cute picture of the two of us playing by a swing set.  Then she filled in the blank on a bunch of statements about her dad.  Some of her answers were right on.  For some, she was trying to be humorous, and some made me so happy that she sees me that way.

Sophi trying to be funny:
-My Dad is  3  years old.
-My Dad is the best because  he is weard 

Right on the money
-His favorite color is  blu . 

I love these answers!
-If he had extra time  he would play with me. 
-My Dada is the funniest when  he lafs. 
-My favorite thing to do with my Dad is  play. 
-What I love most about my Dad is  he is funny. 

And these answers make me realize I might need to improve some of my habits!
-Dad's favorite food is   enything he sees  .
-He love to  nap. 

I am so grateful to be Sophi's dad!!!