Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Poor Graci

Our sweet Grace has had it rough lately! Sunday she came home early from church because she wasn't feeling well. She has slept most of the time since then. She had a fever around 100 so we gave her ibuprofen. She has missed school all week. Then this afternoon, she had a 103 fever, so Christi took her to our family doctor. Not only did she have the high fever, her blood pressure was extremely low. The top number was about 70. The doctor sent them over to the emergency room at Riverton Hospital.

At the emergency room they were worried about meningitis, so they tried to give her a lumbar tap, which was extremely painful and unsuccessful. They are not sure yet, but Grace will likely end up riding in an ambulance up to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake tonight. Second ambulance ride in a month for the poor thing! (Feeling very grateful for good insurance right about now.) And of course I'm on a business trip in Denver until tomorrow. Fortunately there was a late flight available, so I'll be able to get home tonight.

Pray for Grace, poor kid. She's been through so much.

We love you Graci!