Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, sweet Chu Chu!

Today our little guy turned FOUR YEARS OLD! How we wish we could be with him, spoiling him rotten and eating lots of cake and ice-cream. It does make me feel better to know that our package likely arrived sometime this week-- possibly even today! I'm pretty sure that finding out you were getting a family would be a fun birthday surprise! (:(:(:(:

We do have some good news, too! Today our dossier was finally sent to CHINA! For those of you unfamiliar with the adoption process, this is a BIG STEP. We will be finding our LID (login date) soon, and then we can start the countdown to LOA (letter of acceptance) and TA (travel approval). Right now, the average wait time from LID to TA is 4-5 months. This is TOO LONG for our liking, so we are praying for it to go faster! Once you receive your TA, you usually travel within 2 weeks. We are REALLY wanting to travel this summer, so my parents can watch Elli and the boys (Graci and Jesi are going with us). My parents are both teachers, and it would be easier for them, and for my kids, if we could get back before school started in late August. Of course, more importantly than the convenience of summer travel is that our little guy is waiting for us and we are DYING to bring him home! It has been six months since we first saw his sweet little face on the waiting child list, and we don't want to wait another six!! So we're praying that the 4-5 months will be more like 2-3 months, and we know it can happen if it is His will.

So, our darling son,

Next year on this day you will wake up with your favorite breakfast brought to you in bed. The birthday song will be sung by your five adoring siblings, and your two very grateful parents. You will have gifts and cake and balloons. You will have a house full of friends at whatever kind of party you choose. You will smile and giggle and be hugged ferociously. You will be spoiled by grandparents, and high-fived by neighbors. But know, dear Chu Chu, you will not be loved any more then than you are right now by me. You may not be in our home yet, but you are in our hearts. Tonight I trust that our Heavenly Father will hold you, and stroke your cheek for me. That He will speak peace to your heart, and put a smile on your face. I pray He will give you dreams of this new family that will soon be yours. We miss you, we pray for you, and we love you.

Happy 4th Birthday-- your last one alone!

Your mommy