Saturday, April 2, 2016

Travelogue - Day 3

We woke up to the sad realization that the refrigerator in our room was not working.  Unfortunately, I hadn't noticed this the night before when I put in the food his family had made for him.  Conner was NOT happy about throwing away the duck and the soup he loved :(.  Since we couldn't use the leftovers, we headed back to our favorite restaurant for breakfast.  The staff there were really getting a kick out of the two of us.  Conner would order in Chinese, I would pay for it and get a ticket and then present the ticket at the serving counter.  Big smiles all around as they checked out what food the foreigner was going to try today!

We caught a taxi to the designated meeting spot for the morning.  Grandpa, foster mama, Conner's brother and a couple of others were waiting for us.  Foster mom had a new coat as a gift for Conner, but then she had to say goodbye.  Grandpa, brother, the orphanage director and Conner's piano teacher took us on a walking tour of the local neighborhood.  There were some old buildings, a small art museum and lots of shops.  That day and the next were two of the most beautiful weather days I've experienced in China.  The sky was almost completely blue.  Clouds were visible and the temperature was very comfortable.  What a perfect time for a visit!  After our tour we were treated to another scrumptious meal from the orphanage cafeteria.  At this point it was time to say goodbye to everyone except for Conner's music teacher.  More hugs were exchanged and we told them we hoped we could come back again.
Ready for a walk around town.

Fortunately we were able to go by the Cat Store, 'cuz really, it's "All About Cat"

Lunch at the orphanage

Getting ready to say goodbye.

The music teacher took us to an outdoor mall and we walked and walked (and walked) along the main thoroughfare.  We ended up spending about 4 hours just with her.  Conner really loves her, so it was very enjoyable for him to be able to be with and talk to her.  Eventually her husband, a Frenchman, joined us.  The two of them spoke to each other in French, I spoke with each of them in English, and Conner spoke with his teacher in Chinese.  Quite the international group:)!  We took a bus to East Lake, a beautiful park area within Wuhan city, and enjoyed time walking through the beautiful landscape, observing the variety of trees and and shrubs that were beginning to bloom and relaxing in a very peaceful environment much different than the normal hustle and bustle of a city with over fifteen million people.  They treated us to a delicious dinner to end the evening.  Once again we had a wonderful day during which Conner was able to enjoy his beloved home town and friends.


Beautiful East Lake

Goodbye at the hotel.