Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Because I said so!

I looked down the hallway and saw Jessica pushing with all her might against the boys' bedroom door, which was shut tight and evidently being obstructed by one of the boys on the inside. "Jesi," I said. "We don't push on doors." "But I want to go in!" "Why do you want to go in?" I asked. "Because I want to give them a love and a kiss." (This is a somewhat standard answer when Jesi is trying to avoid getting in trouble.) "Jesi," I replied, "if someone wants you to stay out of their room, you have to stay out of their room." "NO!" she said. "No is not an option," I replied. "Yes it is a option!" she countered. Knowing that she had no idea the meaning of the word, I asked: "Jesi, what's an option?" Her answer? "No is a option!" Simple logic, no?