Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big Day!

It's hard to believe my kids are getting to the point that they need braces. But it's true. Today our Graci Kate endures that annoying but necessary rite of passage. She is excited to get her teeth straightened, but is understandably nervous about having her smile held hostage for the next two years. For the past week she has been particularly vocal about her objections to the process and has complained quite a bit about the pain and inconvenience of it all. Last night after a round of her comments, I shot back "Fine, Grace. If you don't want braces, let's call and cancel. Believe me, I would LOVE to save $3,000!" The boys were shocked at the amount braces would cost. Ever the scholars, they quickly calculated a figure I had never before contemplated: "Wow, Dad! It's going to cost you $24,000 to give all of us braces!"

Thanks, guys. I'll sleep better tonight knowing that I have to choose between a beautiful smile for you and a down payment on a home that would actually fit us:)