Sunday, August 3, 2014

Scout Camp

Last month Parker had scout camp.  He was only able to attend the first two days, and I was lucky enough to go with him.  They attended the aquatic base on Bear Lake, Utah.  It was an amazingly beautiful setting.  The water is as crystal clear and blue as the Caribbean.   (Unfortunately, it's not quite as warm….)  With the weather as hot as it was that week, we actually went swimming in the lake several times.  It was quite refreshing!

I had such a great time being with Parker.  He finished three merit badges: geocaching, kayaking and discover climbing.  The food was pretty good and they had a great group of scouts and leaders.  I really enjoyed being there with him.  It was a lot of fun to see him rappel for the first time.

Sunset view from the dining hall:

Enjoying the heat:

Excited for the lecture portion of the kayaking merit badge:):

Volleyball star:

 Ready to get wet!

 Up the stairs to the rappelling tower:

 It's a long way down:

It brings me so much joy that both of my teenage boys still like having me come with them on their scout activities.  Love you guys!