Thursday, January 9, 2014

We can relate!

Someone posted this blog entry on Facebook today and I loved it.  Like, really loved it.  I try hard to find the right balance on our blog in talking about the blessings and trials of adoption.  If I err, I likely err on the side of showing the beautiful aspect, because I feel like if that's what I focus on, that is what I will internalize, and honestly, we are currently in a very good place.  More importantly, as I've said many times, our children read our blog and we are committed to showing them the respect of not writing in depth about trials we go through that concern them.   However, for those of you considering adoption, I think it is important to know that saying it is not always an easy road is an understatement.  As the blog entry said, we would do it over and over and over again.  (Ha, I laughed out loud as I wrote that because I realized we HAVE done it over and over and over again!)  But that doesn't mean it has been or is easy, even if we make it appear as if it is.  And it might help others understand why we, like Jen, are not always the best at answering emails, following through on things, cultivating relationships outside our family, etc…  We are getting better, yes-- but things still fall through the cracks.  A lot.  Especially with me!!  So if you have ever sent an email or message that has gone unanswered, please try again.  (:  Know that despite the outward smiles and cheerful faces that we try so hard to maintain, just meeting the basic needs of the children is often ALL we can handle.  (:


Phantom Feet

It's not uncommon for me to walk into my office and find that my desk has grown a pair of feet...
Once I took a picture of Sophi, Jesi wanted in on the action:-)