Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sophi's Spelling Words

Every week, Sophi has to use each of her 10 spelling words in a sentence.  She prefers to do this on the computer.  It's so cute to watch her typing with her feet, and she does a remarkably good job at it.  She does it completely on her own, and Christi and I love to see what her creative mind comes up with.  Here are two recent weeks' assignments.  Enjoy!

Sophi Geen .  

1.      a kitin likes to  pure.

2.      a  nurs can cure.

3.      My frend got hurt.

4.      I go to church on sun day.

5.      Voldumorte put a curse on Herry Potter.

6.      Some tims I burst in to tears.

7.      My dad got burn by the stove

8.      My sister liks to curl her hair.

9.      The nurs Staci helps diubedics and me.

10.  My mom carys a purse at the store.

By SophiGreen

1.  My famly   likes to  join groops  of peepol.
2. I am so fole  of joy today.
3. I got a noo  toy.
4. MY  grandma likes to spoil me.
5. we got moist  bred  today.
6.   zander  likes to use oil .
7. snakes likes to coil.
9.  we cook by broil.
10. we all have a joint.