Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Monday!!!

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Never, never...

include a Pull-Up (disposable diaper) in your load of laundry.  Never.  Never.  Never.

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Good Night's Sleep

My in-laws are now empty nesters.  Most of the time I look at that phase of life and think of how much I'll miss my kids.  But from time to time I am extremely envious of them.  Usually those times are between midnight and 6am...

Last night was supposed to be my night!  I had the coveted "sleep through the night" side of the bed.  About 3:00 am, the Sophi siren went off.  Christi didn't budge.  Given that it was her night to get up with the kids, I nudged her and then snuggled farther under the covers.  But peace was not to be mine.  "I'm feeling so sick...can you possibly get up with them tonight?"  It's so hard to think rationally in the middle of the night.  I guess you do get better at it with time and practice.  So as my brain tried to clear I dealt with the severe disappointment.  "OK."  (I must admit, it probably wasn't a whole lot friendlier than that, but c'mon, this is a massive paradigm shift to deal with.  At least I didn't ACT grouchy!)

I stumbled over a toy on my way to the hallway, groggily wandered into to Sophi's room and told her that I was not going to help her when she was screaming like that.  I would be glad to help her use the bathroom, but she needed to get out of bed and come in and ask nicely for help.  "I can't!" she said.  "Yes you can.  I'll wait for you in the bathroom."  So I went into the bathroom and sat on the edge the tub.  About 7 seconds later, a howl came from her room that far surpassed the screams she had originally woken me up with.  I pictured her having somehow fallen into a position she couldn't get out of.  Or maybe whacked her head on something.  It had to be some serious physical harm that had come to her.  I rushed into the bedroom, "What happened???"  "SPIDER MAN!!!"  I rolled my eyes and had to chuckle inside.  Of course.  Spider Man.

Sophi was terrified of just about all toys when we first adopted her.  Stuffed animals were particularly scary for her.  Didn't matter how cute or cuddly they were.  She even screamed when offered a Minnie Mouse doll.  Fortunately, this has improved dramatically over time and at this point she has many dolls and babies she loves very much.  But not Spider Man.  Years ago, I won a bunch of tickets at an arcade and got to pick prizes with them.  I picked out the ugliest dolls you have ever seen for Taylor and Parker.  They were stuffed Spider Man dolls.  The boys have long since outgrown them.  But they have stayed in the massive pile of stuffed animals and dolls that is in the room that Xander, Lexi and Sophi share.  Xander is still young enough to like them.  But Sophi is really terrified of them.  Most of the time they're far enough across the room that she can see them and just holler fairly rationally, "I scared Spider Man!"  My response is usually a caring "You don't need to be scared of Spider Man."  Great dad, huh?  (I'm not sure why the thought of throwing them away has never occurred to me before, but clearly the time has come:)  Last night, however, the web-slinger had somehow maneuvered his way across the room until he was on the floor directly at Sophi's feet when she tried to get out of bed.  So of course she had an absolute tizzy fit until I came and rescued her.  Spider-Man, you have seen your final day in our home!!!
OK.  In all honesty this really just happened.  Sophi walked in and saw the picture I just posted and said, "Aaaaaa, I scared Spider Man!!!"

After I took care of Sophi, I heard Elli downstairs.  As is often the case, she had taken off her jammies (this despite us now putting the onesies on backwards and pinning the zipper up).  It took me several minutes to get her changed and re-tucked in.  I finally crawled back in bed...and I heard a clock ticking.  I have a really hard time falling asleep with a regular noise like that.  If there's a loud clock, I have to move it out of the room.  Then it hit me that it wasn't a clock.  It was the dripping of water from our gutter in the aftermath of a major wind and rain storm earlier in the night.  (Funny, I have no problem falling asleep to the sounds of a storm, but a steady drip...drip...drip can keep me awake forever?)  So there was nothing I could do about the sound.  I tried to put it out of my mind and drift off....  About 20 minutes later I was just about completely gone, when I heard Sophi calling out to me again.  She didn't come in to get me, but at least she was calling in a sweet voice this time.  I went out to help her again.  This time she wanted lotion on her legs and face!  At 3:45 in the morning!!!  To be fair, she does have extremely dry skin.  So I put some Eucerin on her, tucked her back in and begged her to let me sleep.  Which she did.  The whole thing took over 45 minutes.

So yes, all you empty nesters out there, I do at times envy the peace and quiet which must prevail in your homes.  But overall?  I wouldn't trade my kids at these ages for anything!  (Well, I might trade them for a week or two in Mexico.  But only if I could have them back afterwards:)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Calling Australia

When I look at the map at the bottom of our website, it's fun to see where in the world people are following us.  I've seen people tune in from every continent except Africa and Antarctica.  I must admit that seems pretty cool.  But sometimes I wonder who these people are.  I don't think I know anyone in Australia for example.  So if you're one of the handful of people from down under, give us a shout and let us know how you found our blog:)

Thoughts on laundry

If you have more than 2 children, you have sentenced yourself to spending half of your life doing laundry.

If you have more than 6 children, the laundry will start to swallow you up.

If you have more than eight children, many of whom play sports, wear school uniforms, find it amusing to change clothing several times a day, love to sneak snacks in their beds, and haven't learned how to keep clean clothes out of the dirty clothes basket, I feel for you.

If one of those eight children has autism and enjoys chewing on clothing, wiping her face on clothing, taking off clothing, and finding every possible opportunity to escape when you aren't watching, find a bed (any bed will do) and strip down and use the bathroom on the bed/sheets/blankets/pillows, then you are doomed.  Realize that you will rarely look cute or trendy again, because you'll seldom find time to do your own laundry and will spend most of your days in your endless supply of grubbies.  Make peace with it.

A few tricks I have learned:

Always, I repeat-- always, use a generous scoop of OxiClean stain remover in each load.  I learned this from Mama Mary and it is up there in the best advice I've ever been given.  I swear that it makes a huge difference.  I hardly ever take the time to spot clothes before I put them in the washer, and with OxiClean, they still come out clean.  I have had times where I'm out and have done a load and there really is a big difference.  Go get some today.

Never, I repeat-- never, take time to iron your kids' clothes.  Ever so rarely iron your own.  Take the clothes out of the dryer right when the dryer is done and fold them or hang them up.  If they have sat in the dryer for awhile and are wrinkled, put a small wet towel in with them and turn the dryer on high for 20 minutes, or use the steam setting for 15 minutes if you have a fancy dryer.  It will fluff those wrinkles right out.  Perfect.

Put the spin speed on low if you are washing clothes.  It will make a big difference in wrinkles.

Liquid fabric softener, people.  It does the job better.  Took me half of my married life to figure that out.  No more dryer sheets (unless you want to throw a couple in for an extra fresh scent.)

If you have a lot of people to do laundry for, consider getting a high efficiency washer and dryer.  The biggest you can find.  Go without food if you have to.  You won't believe what you can fit in these things!

If you have an actual laundry room, however small, count your blessings.  I myself have a "laundry closet."  It opens up into the busiest hallway of the house.  I have tried to make the best of it by telling myself that it forces me to hurry and put the clothes away, but what I would give for an actual laundry room!

Color coded towels.  I think I have blogged about this before.  Each person in the house gets their own color.  If you can teach them to actually hang up their towel after using it, you can get away with washing towels once a week.  Bonus points for you.  Now come on over and teach my kids, because they won't listen to me.

Why am I blogging about laundry?  Maybe because the laundry in my house is so piled up so high that I cannot stand to face it.  I'll just write about it instead.

Any tips to share with me?

Happy washing!

P.S.  The surprise I blogged about will come Monday.  (:

You're Absolutely Right!

Today, Sophi and I were driving together to Jessica's second grade play.  Whenever I am in the car with just one of my kids, I try to have some sort of conversation to deepen the father-child relationship.  At one point this morning I said "Sophi, you're wonderful!"
She replied, "Yep!  Uh-huh!  I wonderful!  Dat's right!"
Its crazy to think back less than one and a half years ago to the little orphaned waif that entered our family.  She has come so far so fast.  She has become such a strong little girl.  She's going to do big things.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dancing with Daddy

Jeremy started a tradition quite awhile ago of dancing with Elli in the few minutes before the bus comes to pick her up for school.  She loves it.  She wants the same song every time-- "Let Your Angel Fly," a song Jeremy and his brother wrote when we lived in Tennessee.  Sometimes she'll sing along.  Most of the time she just holds her daddy with this content look on her face.  I love it.

This is what happens...

...when you don't have arms to catch yourself as you trip on the sidewalk.  ):


She is Christi's incessant little shadow.  She follows me, too, when I'm home.   She can't be alone for two seconds.  And she talks.  And talks.  And talks.  She has lots of cute little phrases she uses.  One of our favorite:  "Oh Good Myness!"  (Oh my goodness.)

Sweet Soph:)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

In with the new!

Our blog has been the same for several years now. Both Jeremy and I are kind of funny about change. Many people change their backgrounds and looks quite often, but we like the comfort of familiarity.

That being said, we have both felt like it's time to try something new! Our main goal is to make our blog more readable and accessible to people who are coming on for the first time. We have both felt a tremendous responsibility to share our story, particularly of special needs adoption. Many prospective adoptive parents have contacted us about things they have read on our blog and questions they have had. Hopefully that can happen even more often with the easier accessibility. We know that as we first began our adoption journey, we found ourselves full of questions. Many of those questions were answered through the blogs of other adoptive parents. They were extremely helpful to us. Hopefully we can be that help for others who might adopt as well! With that being said, we're humbly asking you to "button up," or in other words, put our button on your blog! Spread the word on Facebook! Whatever it takes-- let's let the world know the beauty of special needs adoption! It's kind of funny for me to be asking this-- believe it or not, I'm a pretty private person. In many ways, I'd rather have a small following. But I KNOW the power of blogs and the power of sharing experiences, and I feel such an urgency to open hearts to these darling children without families. Spreading the word is an easy way to be part of finding them a home!

We'll be working out the kinks of the new blog over the next few days, so be patient. Our new domain name will be, but that's not up yet. You won't need to change the address if you are a follower-- it will automatically reroute you. We'll reward your patience with a very fun surprise as soon as we can. Believe me, you'll want to keep posted! (;

What's the Difference?

Me: "Hi Princess Graci. Are you fabulous today?"
Graci: (after thinking for a few seconds) "No. Today I'm beautiful!"

No lack of self-esteem there:)


So Ashamed

My dad tried to teach me. He really did. "Jeremy, DON"T drink the milk right out of the milk jug!" I would sneak and try to do it when he wasn't looking. I mean, what a waste of time and resources. Why walk over to the cupboard and get a cup when you can just grab the jug from the fridge and be done with it. One less item for the dishwasher as well! I like to think of it as being efficient.

As a dad myself, I of course teach my kids the same thing. "No drinking from the jug!!!" "Unless you're me!" You see, I developed this fantastic method for making it a sanitary process. I just don't touch the jug to my lips! I lean my head back, open my mouth wide and pour the milk (or orange juice) directly into my mouth from two or three centimeters above. Now I can't do this if the jug is completely full. Disaster waiting to happen. If it's about 50%-75% full, I rest the handle of the jug on my chin to stabilize it, but again, it never touches my lips. It makes my heart swell to think of all the money I have saved by doing this over the course of our marriage. I have certainly saved many full loads of cups from being washed. Ever the economizer!

The other day Parker was talking to me and in passing mentioned Jesi drinking out of the jug and how gross it was. "WHAT?!?" I asked. "Yeah. The other day I saw Jesi drinking straight out of the jug." "Was it the very last of the milk?" "Oh no!" he replied. "There was still quite a bit left." In fifteen seconds I had finally learned a lesson that my dad tried for 18 years to teach me. In my mind's eye I saw my sweet princess swigging milk like a sailor. Clearly my "Do as I say, not as I do" lectures were not working. It has been two full weeks since I swore off my addiction, and I am proud to say that not once have I lifted that cursed jug above my head to drink. I know that with determination and perseverance I can leave this detestable habit behind me.

For those of you who have ever had a drink at our house, I apologize. (I once again reaffirm that I did NOT inhale...I mean touch it to my lips.) If you come again, you can rest assured that ALL of our drinks enter a cup first!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Best. News. Ever.

Most of you know a bit of Graci's health struggles. She has gone through a tremendous number of doctor appointments and surgeries in the last few years, mostly for her heart, but for other reasons as well. It was very hard news for her when after her last open heart surgery, she was put on oxygen at home. Many people didn't even know she was on oxygen because she didn't have to wear it while we were out and about or when she was at school. At home she often took it off when people came over or when we took pictures. All too often she didn't wear it all together because she hated it so much, and that has been a constant battle. She has however ALWAYS used it at night-- a must from her cardiologist. We even had to cart it on our trip to China, and on any other overnight trips.

We have been purposely vague about the extent of Graci's health issues and will continue to be, but I'm sure it is apparent that things were not good. She did, after all, get a wish from the Make-a-Wish foundation and has been in and out of the hospital many times. Every surgery she has had has gone better than expected, but her condition has still been very, very serious. When Graci was initially placed on oxygen, we were told it would be for the rest of her life, and that as things worsened (not if, but when), she would have to wear it at school as well.

Graci had none of that and says she always knew that she would be off oxygen one day, and Thursday, that day came! We were in for her routine ECHO and EKG, done every 4-6 months. Miraculously, her stats are on a big uphill trend. We knew after her surgery in November that things were looking good, but we didn't know that they were THIS good! (: Her cardiologist said that it is time to be cautiously optimistic about everything and TOOK HER OFF HER OXYGEN!

Insert cheers!!!!!!!!!! (: (: (:

I was shocked. I know I shouldn't have been, because the Lord can do anything. But it hadn't even crossed my mind that she would ever get off the oxygen. Her cardiologist was shocked himself. In fact, I think Graci was the only one not shocked. She just smiled like it was no big deal. (:

For all of those who have prayed and fasted for our Graci over the past few years, we thank you! We know without a doubt that God has heard those prayers. We know of His perfect love for Graci, and we knew that miracles could occur with her health, we just didn't know if they would. But they have! And we are overcome with gratitude for a loving Father in Heaven who made it so.

Graci, we love you. You are such a light in our home. We admire your strength and courage and pure, unwavering testimony of Christ. We are so, so blessed to have you in our eternal family. There are so many people all over the world who love you and need you HERE! We are looking forward to many more years for you to grace our lives with your sweet, quirky ways. (: Happy NO MORE OXYGEN Day, little Ling Ling!

He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds. --Psalms 147:3

Taking her out to dinner to celebrate!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In Jesi's World...

Tonight was a bit tough for Jesi. She was working on her 2nd grade math homework when I came up and started trying to help her out. She actually does very well in math. I'm quite proud of her. In fact, what I was trying to help her with was the way she was holding her pencil. As a child, my parents were quite emphatic about helping us have good handwriting. I was taught the correct way to hold a writing utensil and the the correct way to form each letter. I believe this was more emphasized in school back in those days as well.

Watching one of my children write with an awkward grip is a bit difficult for me, so I try to encourage them to do it correctly. (I am coming to terms with the fact that my grandchildren may not even learn to write at all. Everything may be voice activated at that point, or keyboarding may be the only important skill. So I sometimes wonder if there's any real value to teaching my children a dying art form. But old habits die hard...) Anyway, I was very patient with her. I kindly talked to her about how it would be easier to write neatly if she would hold her pencil correctly. She was NOT happy with me. At first she flat out refused to make the change. Five years ago, that would have likely been met with an outburst from me. But I have grown up a bit as I have grown up. So I gently explained that sometimes she has to do something she doesn't want to do, just because Dad says to do it. She glared at me for several seconds, then stood up and went into her bedroom. She didn't throw a tantrum or slam doors, but she was obviously unhappy with me.

I followed and explained that marching off in frustration is not an appropriate response to your dad (although in retrospect, it's a lot better than if she were yelling at me, so maybe I just need to count my blessings!). Eventually we patched things up and she came back in and really made an effort to hold her pencil correctly. I was quite proud, and she was still able to write very neatly, despite this new technique.

She finished her math homework and asked me to check it. Most of it was correct. Then we got to a section where she had to write equations in different ways. One option was to reverse the sides of the equation (223-132=91 is the same as 91=223-132.) But instead of just switching the sides of the equation, she looked at it like a mirror image (223-132=91 is the same as 91=132-223). I tried to explain to her that this didn't work. I told her that by doing this she was trying to subtract a larger number from a smaller number. She just couldn't grasp the concept. She insisted that her way was right. She told me that Mrs. Miller (her 1st grade teacher) had taught her that this was the correct way to do it. Finally, I figured out how to help her get it. I had her write out the subtraction problem vertically and then solve it. When she did it my way, she got 91. When she did it her way, she realized that it didn't work. She re-wrote the answers the correct way.

As a satisfied teacher who had helped his student see the light I asked Jesi, "Do you get it now? Do you see why you have to keep the order of these numbers the same?" Jesi looked up at me with her cute contemplative look and said, in all seriousness, "In my world, the other way is still right!"

Dear, dear Jess, how I love your world. How grateful I am that the good Lord has blessed me with increased patience over the past several years so I was able to help you without getting frustrated. And how grateful I am that the entire experience, while difficult for you to go through until the light came on, was a positive and loving memory between us. Jessica, your world is a special place. Keep inviting me in!:)



Monday, April 16, 2012


Our family was at the ballpark tonight for Xander's first baseball game. Afterward, we started walking toward the car. There was a group of people visiting on the sidewalk/grass area that we had to squeeze past. Sophi was walking just behind me, when I heard a man's playful voice ask, "well, where did your arms go?" Jer later told me that it took him a few seconds to process why someone would ask a question like that, but I immediately knew that the man had just assumed she was hiding her arms in her jacket. I turned around to see Soph staring up at him like he was crazy. I didn't know whether or not to say something, because I knew he would be embarrassed, but decided it would be worse not to. I said with a smile, "actually, she was born without arms." The poor man's mouth just hung open, and immediately his wife was apologizing up and down. I laughed and said it was ok, and not to worry, but I'm afraid that sweet man, who was just trying to be friendly, was mortified.

I've been giggling about it all night. (:

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dear Tiff

Your phone number is still in my phonebook, which means it's been transferred through at least five different cell phones since you passed away. It's hard to believe it's been almost eight years. My kids hardly even remember you anymore. I'll make sure we watch your funeral video again sometime soon.

Every month I still get the Travelzoo email you signed me up for long ago. I never even read it. Once in a great while, I'll skim it. But I can't bring myself to unsubscribe, because it's kind of like getting a once a month reminder that my little sis still loves me. On the flip side, I still send dad a few bucks a month to put some flowers on your headstone. I hope you see them there.

I still have a picture of you on my desk and a card you sent me about a year before you left. I particularly cherish the line: "I've appreciated all your advice. You're a great big brother." You and I were kindred spirits, Tiff. I love you. I miss you. I know you are in a beautiful place, and I look forward to seeing you again. I wish you were here to hug Lexi and Sophi. They would have loved you so much. Your exuberance for life would have brought out the squeals and laughter they love to share. I wish you could know Graci and Xander and they could know you. Graci would look up to you so much. I'm sorry you never got a chance to meet Elli and to hear her unique expressions of joy. Taylor and Parker still remember you, although it's more from pictures and videos at this point. They've always remembered that they were your "tiger & munchkin." Jesi met you just a couple of times, obviously too young to form any lasting memories. But I'm so glad we have the pictures of you holding her.

Every once in awhile I re-read your rather prescient "If tomorrow never comes" email. I'm so grateful you had a chance to share those thoughts with us before you left. And I believe you're still close by. I think you know a lot about our family. And I think you are as happy as anyone about the road we have chosen. I like to think that you had a chance to meet Elli, Lexi, Xander and Sophi before their spirits came down to this earth. I like to think that you hugged them, and maybe even told them that I was a "great big brother." Hopefully you told them that if they could just be patient with me, I might turn out as an OK dad, too.

You know what got me thinking about you today? The nose-hair clipper you gave me as a present years ago! I miss the candor of our relationship. Not every sister would just give that to her older brother and say, "Here. 'Cuz you need it!" Thanks, Tiff. And you were right:)

I miss you, little sister.


Here's a story in the BYU newspaper about Tiffany.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Three things that made me smile...

Looking out the window to see this:

Walking in the living room to see this:

Having Jesi shove a box into my room and saying, "Look, Mom, I have a present for you," and then turning the box around to reveal this:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Xander!

Our Xander Commander turned 7 on March 26. He was so excited and has been talking about his birthday for months! He chose an omelet with lots of salsa, mangoes, and juice for his breakfast in bed. We had a fun celebration with the family that evening, and he was thrilled to get a new Lego set.

The real fun came on Saturday! Lexi had never gotten her friend party, as her birthday was over Christmas break and we were busy visiting family. We decided to combine parties for the two. A few months ago, we won a party from Munchkin Radio from a benefit auction. They came out to our backyard and put on a great party for Lexi and Xander. I figured since it was in our backyard, that the kids could invite as many friends as they wanted. They both invited their classes from school and a few other friends as well. Needless to say, we ended up with over 50 kids!! This normally wouldn't stress me at all, except that Mother Nature hates me and always seems to know when we are planning a big party. The wind was CRAZY that afternoon. A few minutes before guests started to arrive it really picked up. Decorations were blown everywhere, chairs were tipping over-- it was nuts! I just kept thinking, "In two hours it will all be over!" Thankfully, prayers were answered and it wasn't too bad during the party. We even had a few moments of complete calm. Weather, that is. (; The kids had a great time dancing to music and playing the games Munchkin Radio brought. We had hotdogs, chips, cookies, and popsicles-- all requested by Xander. He and Lexi had so much fun and loved being the center of attention. I was so grateful for a couple of moms who stayed and pitched in when we needed a few extra hands! I am also so grateful for the good friends that these two have. They are a great bunch of kids who have really taken Lexi under their wings. I just love first graders!

I should mention that the party was the same day that we had baseball field clean-up, General Conference, an Easter egg hunt for the blind and visually impaired (beeping eggs and blindfolds for the sighted-- awesome!) and a Jackie Evancho concert. Whew!!! Believe it or not, we stayed smiling all day! It didn't hurt to end it with Jackie Evancho. Make-a-Wish gave us free tickets and she was breathtakingly good. Even better live than online/TV.

Xander, we love you! You are so full of life and love! We are so proud of how far you have come in math and reading-- way to go! You are such a good friend and look out for everyone. Your smile lights up a room. We know that life has big things in store for you, because you are bigger than life! Happy 7th Birthday, X-man!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

More Jesi-isms

The other night Jessica came up to me and said, "Daddy, do you notice something?" This is not an unusual occurrence at our house. With five daughters, I am frequently asked to notice this or that about someone's outfit or hair or the like. I responded, "Your beautiful hair?" "No." "Your beautiful clothes?" "No." "Your beautiful shoes?" "Daddy, it has nothing to do with my beauty!" OK, then:) (I don't even remember what I was supposed to notice, but clearly it wasn't her lack of self-esteem.)

Yesterday, Christi was doing Jesi's hair. She was standing near a door with a mirror on it. Jesi turned and caught a glimpse of herself, and, in complete sincerity, commented, "Hello, Gorgeous!"

Jesi used to do Kung Fu moves with Xander. Hers were quite entertaining. Yesterday I asked her to do some of her Kung Fu moves for me. "I don't have any more Kung Fu moves." "Why not?" "Now I just have fabulous poses!" She was very obliging when I asked for a demonstration. She looked like she was preparing for a trip down the catwalk.

At Christi's annual Easter reunion this weekend Jessica was talking to Christi's cousin Melissa. "How many kids do you have," she asked. "Three boys." "You only have boys?" "Yes." "You need to get you some girls!"

After the above mentioned reunion (a three-day-camping-in-the-Utah-desert affair) we got back to civilization late last night. Jesi was monopolizing the bathroom and Christi wanted to shower. Christi knocked on the bathroom door. Jesi, in a very matter-of-fact, formal voice, "Um, I'm very sorry out there, but this bathroom is occupied." "Jess, you need to hurry." "I'm sorry out there, but the bathroom is occupied."

What would we do without our little princess?


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Utah United for Half the Sky

I blew it.

I was asked to blog about this over a month ago, and kept forgetting. Or putting it off. Or both. And now all of a sudden, it's the week of the race and I am feeling awful that I haven't announced this earlier.

Utah United for Half the Sky is sponsoring a 5K/10K race this Saturday. It will be held along the Provo River Trail (beautiful!) and is run by BYU student volunteers, with all of the proceeds going to orphans in China. If I wasn't going to be at a family reunion, I would be running in this race. Not because I'm a runner, but because this is a GREAT cause! Half the Sky is one of the best organizations out there and they have done incredible things for China's orphans.

Please, if you live in Utah and can participate in the race, consider doing so! If not, I am sure your online donation would be very much appreciated. These students have worked very hard to organize this race and have big hearts for the orphans of China.

Click HERE to learn more.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spiced Citris Chic

Parker came up the stairs this morning holding this and asking, "Mom, is this hairspray?"

"No, it's air freshiener."

"Are you sure?"

"Um... Yeah. I'm sure."

"Well, Taylor won't believe me and has been using it as hairspray."

I thought he's been smelling good!