Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dance Pictures!

I'm What?

This morning I came upstairs looking for Christi. I walked into our bedroom where she was taking care of Elli. I started talking to Christi and after a few minutes Jesi came in and said, looking intently at me, "Dad, you're bugging me over!" "I'm what?" I asked. "You're bugging me over!" "What does that mean?" "It means, you're making me not concentrate on my TV!"-followed by a big, heartfelt sigh of despair. Apparently I talk too loud...:)

A couple of days ago one of Christi's friends posted a comment to our "Home Alone" post. In the comment she said "Jeremy-nobody does superdad like you do..." Christi was standing next to me as I read it, and I turned to her and said, "Lucky she doesn't know how much I stink as a dad sometimes!" Then, sweet little Jesi, who was also in the room, very seriously said: "Dad, you don't stink! You're so handsome!" Then she gave me a big hug. Made my day. Jesi does that often. Several times a day, she'll see me and excitedly say, "Daaaaddddyyyy!", then rush to me and give me a huge bear hug. It doesn't get any better than that:)

Last week Christi was very creative for our family home evening treat and toasted marshmallows in the oven. With ONE marshmallow, Jesi created this mess:

Gotta love kids!