Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy Day

Believe it or not, I used to be a reasonably handsome guy.  Ah, age and weight.  Nevertheless, I am truly happier now than when I weighed 175 and could dunk a basketball.  Well, barely slide it over the rim on a good day...and never in a game.  But I digress.

Just wanted to share a happy moment:)  I got up this morning and headed out to shovel snow.  Knowing this would likely be the case, last night I uploaded some music from our computer onto my phone.  I listened to two playlists as I tortured my back in the cold weather.  One was entitled "Parker's playlist," the other, "Taylor's playlist."  (Creativity abounds in our family.)  I also grabbed the only headphones I could find on the way out the door:  Lexi's pink ones.  What a joy to listen through both playlists and not hear one offensive word.  Good kids.  And they proactively try to avoid inappropriate entertainment.  Very proud of them.  And very humbled that, in between Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts and even some Starship (We Built This City anyone? their 80's tastes) were several of the original songs I recorded while we were in Tennessee.  Crummy, pitchy guitar vocal recordings.  But they still love their old man enough to keep listening.  I love those guys!

And just because you needed to see this:  Jesi using chopsticks:)


 Have a great day!