Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 31, 2010

Dear 6:30 a.m.,

You came too soon. It was such a good dream…

A girl who loves her bed

Dear 8:00 a.m.,

Lunches packed—check.
Folders signed—check.
Backpacks ready-check.
Hair braided—check.
Kids looking spiffy—check.
Breakfast fed—check.
Prayers said-check.
Myself looking presentable for carpool—

Looks like you came too early as well.

One scary looking mom

Dear mothers of kindergarteners,

When you sign up to make playdough for the class, be sure to have your husband around. You’ll need the extra help stirring the big pot of dough as it starts to thicken and your arm starts to fall off. Also, add the food coloring BEFORE the dough thickens. That way it won’t be all streaky and weird-looking and you won’t feel embarrassed when you drop it off to the teacher.

A fellow mother

Dear kindergarten class,

Thank-you for letting me visit today. You were so quiet and good as I read the story about things that make us unique and special. I love that you smiled and oohed and ahhed when I brought Xander up to show his “muscles” off. I love that when he showed his “peace toes,” several of you said, “COOL!” I loved how you nodded your heads solemnly when I asked if you would stick up for Xander if anyone ever teased him about his legs or his special stockings. I am so glad for sweet kids like you!

A grateful mommy

Dear Dr. Daynes,

You are my favorite pediatrician. You always make me feel like you really do care about my family. Because of your son’s autism, you can relate to us in ways that other doctors cannot. I am grateful for that! Thank you for being so patient with Elli during her kindergarten check-up. Thanks for being so kind when I had to run home and get Elli’s Chinese immunization card and took forever finding it. Thanks for knowing that it would take three nurses to hold Elli down for her shots—and for being so kind and understanding about her screams. You do not have my permission to move. Ever.

A happy patient

Dear CCAI,

We were so thrilled to receive our LOA for Dang Qing Yin today!!! Woo-hoo!!!! You have been tremendous throughout this whole process. Thank you for always making us feel like you are cheering for us!!

A family very excited to go back to China!

Dear Elli,

Next time you tell me you want a frosty, and I drive all the way to Wendy's to get you one, maybe you should eat it instead of throwing it. And maybe tomorrow we could work on eating lunch in less than an hour. Just a thought.


Dear Garden,

You are providing us with lots of yummy food!!! I especially loved the potatoes, carrots and onions we ate yesterday—mmmmm!! You’ve been patient with our lack of weeding. I had planned to fix that today but was only able to spend approximately 3.5 minutes with you before getting an urgent call that I needed to overnight a check for our adoption. Luckily, my kids took over—and you are looking spiffy.

A veggie-lover

Dear US Department of Homeland Security,

Are you kidding me? An extra $670 because we are adopting two at once? Hello?!!! We’re already approved for two—and I know that there isn’t all kinds of extra work involved for you. I mean, really, how much can one more sheet of paper cost?

Apparently, $670.

Sincerely (not love),
Fed-up with our government’s role in making adoption cost so much and take so long

Dear UPS Store,

When you advertise that the pick-up time for overnight delivery is 5:30, you should abide by it. That way, when a customer shows up at 5:23 and you tell them that the truck left 10 minutes ago, they won’t feel like screaming. Or crying. And telling them that there is another store just 25 minutes away that has pick-up at 6:00 probably won’t make them feel better, because HOW ARE THEY TO TRUST THAT THAT PICK-UP WASN’T EARLY TOO?

I’m thinking that maybe you ought to pay for the dinner I ended up buying my family after getting stuck in rush hour traffic while driving to a fed-ex location across the valley. And the clothes I ended up buying at Seagull Book while I waited for my dinner order to be ready. After all, if you had really had a pick-up at 5:30 like you said, we would be almost $100 richer!

Ok, I’m just kidding. Kind-of.

Someone who just wants to bring her kiddos home

Dear Jeremy,

This is the first time you’re hearing about the clothes from Seagull Book. Try to love me anyway.

A girl who loves a cute skirt!

P.S. Before you get after me, you should know that in my bag of clothes is a Utah Toffee Truffle just for you! (:
P.P.S. Thank-you for taking all three older kids to the orthodontist today. You are such a good man!

Dear Taylor,

You were a champ for taking care of Elli’s diaper today. I had no idea that when Parker said she had leaked that it meant what it meant. I’m not sure how you stood the smell. I thought I was going to pass out when I came in the house. You scored extra points with me!


Dear Massaman Curry,

I think you may be my favorite food EVER! I think you were worth the whole mailing-hassle. Especially when you add in the cute skirt.

A fan

Dear Graci, Taylor, Parker, Jesi, Xander, and Elli,

I am so proud of you! I couldn’t ask for better children. I love that you belong to ME!


Dear Dang Ling You and Dang Qing Yin,

We are itching to get you in our arms!! We feel so much closer now that we have that second LOA. It’s looking like we might be spending Thanksgiving with you in China! Oh, and guess what-- we have finally decided on your American names!! We hope that you will love them. They are:

Alexis Li and Sophia Breanne

Beautiful names for beautiful girls. We can’t wait to meet you!

Your new family

Dear self,

Next time when you fold a big load of laundry in the hallway, try not to become distracted before it is put away. That way, you will avoid folding it twice.

The voice of reason

Dear commenters,

Thank you for your sweet thoughts about my post on Elli's blog. It's always hard to open up and share personal things and you make me glad that I do.

The author

Dear kitchen floor,

What is making you sooo sticky?! And why do I hate to mop so much??!!

I just want a maid!

And finally,
Dear 10:30 p.m.

You will be here in fourteen minutes! That means I will soon be cuddled up with my sweetie watching a rerun of Dick Van Dyke and settling into a peaceful night’s sleep.

Well, until one of the kids wakes up.

I love you!

A girl who loves her bed

Oh, and I'm adding just one more!

Dear Readers,

Please consider going to this site: http://beadingtochina.blogspot.com/
and bidding on some items to help my amazing friend, Holly, adopt her little girl.

Someone who knows how expensive adoption is