Friday, July 24, 2009


Every day, several times a day, throughout all of 2009, our kids have prayed that we would travel to China before school starts. I was beginning to wonder if the Lord had different plans for us, but today we received our Travel Approval!!! (Insert Happy Dance!!) We are tentatively planning on leaving within the next 2 weeks!! YIPPEE!!! This means we will be back two days before school starts-- important for many reasons, including being able to have my school teacher parents watch the kids. We are feeling so grateful, and are still praying for the many, many families who have not yet received travel approval and have been waiting longer than us. It is so difficult to know your child is half way around the world and feel powerless to take care of him/her, and we wish you all SPEEDY TAs!!!

We have a million and one things to do before we leave, and I am beginning to feel just a bit panicked with it all!! But we know it will be worth it as we will very soon be holding our little Xander in our arms. SURREAL after all this time...

We are coming, Alexander Chase! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!