Friday, December 2, 2011


We love our annual trip to Cornbellys...  it wouldn't be Fall without it.   The dress ups, Pumpkin Princess, corn mazes, haunted houses, giant trampolines, slides, play areas, hot chocolate and donuts, train rides, shows, campfire-- we love it ALL! 

We are going to pretend that Elli did NOT eat mouthfuls of corn this year before I noticed what she was doing.  We are also going to pretend that Graci and Jesi didn't manage to get completely lost in the corn maze for a VERY long time, and that Jer and the boys didn't get lost trying to find them! It also certainly didn't end this year in a late night trip to the emergency room for Jesi (torn ligaments and sprain.)   Always an adventure with our family! (:

We'll also pretend Elli actually enjoyed herself.  (;