Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Daddy Date with Sophi and Lexi

This weekend was Fort Herriman days.  The younger kids went with Christi and me to watch the parade in the morning.  Small town parades are great.  Mostly politicians and businesses advertising, with three or four floats and one or two bands.  Fortunately, the politicians and businesses have lots of candy to throw out to the kids.  Any day when you come home with a bag full of taffy and tootsie rolls is a great day for a kid, right?

Later in the day, I walked down with Sophi and Lexi.  We enjoyed some fantastic smoked chicken, walked through lots of vendors' booths and rode on the carousel:

Probably the highlight was the reptile booth.  They got to pet some snakes and lizards and got to see a real live alligator!  Pretty cool:)