Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chocolate Girl

We were told a cute story tonight. A lady that we go to church with has two daughters. The oldest, Matty, is about 12, and the youngest, Hayden, just turned 3. Earlier this week, the girls were watching a children's program called "Brown Bear." This episode involved a visit to China. Matty asked Hayden: "Do you know anyone from China?" Hayden replied: "Graci." Matty asked: "What about Graci's little sister, Elli?" They talked a little about how Hayden had two friends named Elli and how one of them was blind. Hayden said something along the lines of: "The pink and white Elli isn't blind. The blind Elli is chocolate, like chocolate chips!"

So I guess we have two chocolate daughters. Christi and I quickly saw how apropos the comparison is for Elli. She's just like chocolate. Usually milk, occasionally semi-sweet, and once in awhile-bitter!:)