Sunday, April 5, 2009

We'll miss them when they're gone...

One of the favorite posts I've ever read was written by my friend Teri. It was a picture of an apple core sitting in her bathroom sink, entitled "I'll miss her when she's gone." I thought it was the most perfect caption for such a picture, and immediately looked around at all the crazy things in my house that I would someday miss. Well, the other day, I grabbed my camera and went through the house. I didn't pose anything-- just took pictures of some of the things I would truly miss when they are gone!

Elli obviously gets a little carried away in her rocking chair!
Jesi's dress-up closet
game shelf

this wasn't staged (:
I had spent forever earlier that day looking for the syrup and finally making homemade!

Half of our blinds look like this, thanks to Elli...


Our bedroom wall

Our boys have had these out in our kitchen for the last five years-- they save 10% of their money for their "Missionary Fund." Every time it gets filled up, we match it and put it in the bank. They are so proud of all they have saved!

Sign on the girls' door

The bunk bed ladder

Graci's "kiddos" make it hard for her to find room to sleep, but she will NOT get rid of any of them

Graci is GREAT at cleaning her room, but insists on keeping her vanity like this!

Jessica's dresser-- YIKES!!!
Last week, Parker was apparently having a bad day. I came into the kitchen, where Taylor and Graci were making him a "treasure hunt" to cheer him up. They even provided the treasure-- $3.00 and two pieces of gum. (:

boys' dresser-- need I say more?

Taylor's bed-- Spidey, Doggie, and Wooly. Sigh.

I told Parker to find a special place for his Wolf Cub Scout book so he wouldn't lose it. I guess I should have paid attention to the banging going on in his room... He does get points for creativity!

This is a picture of the contents of ONE of Taylor's pair of pants! The boy's pockets are like this EVERY DAY-- he has been like this since he was a toddler!

And I just HAD to add this one!

Oh how we will miss our precious children! WE LOVE YOU!