Saturday, June 3, 2017


If I eat a whole cookie does it qualify as Whole30?😏


Feeling sheepish...

We are not morning people.  Never have been, likely never will be.  Five days a week we muscle through a 6:20 am alarm clock and get 10 kids ready for school.  But on Saturdays and Sundays we like to sleep in.  I truly have wished over the years that I could get myself into a better routine and help our kids learn the value of early to bed, early to rise.  But so far, this has not been the case😜😁😂.

So when the doorbell (which chimes through our entire house) rang at 8:29am this morning (of course waking Christi and me from a deep sleep), we weren't too happy about it.  I know some people  are up much earlier than that on a Saturday, but not us.  I grumpily pulled on a t-shirt and stumbled out to answer the front door.  Everyone else had been sound asleep too.  (Give us some leeway here...last night I took seven of the kids to dream night at the zoo and our little ones got to bed pretty late!)  Sophi was also groggily making her way to the door.  I was thinking, "this had better be pretty important!"  So I wasn't too happy to see Sophi's two best friends standing on the porch asking if she could play.

I really tried to be nice about it.  I told them that they couldn't come and ask to play so early in the morning.  Sophi would be able to hang out later.  I even complimented one girl's cute cowgirl boots and the other's cute earrings, so they wouldn't feel bad.  After shutting the door, I helped Sophi get some breakfast and then plopped back down in bed.  I told Christi who it was and she chuckled.  I said, "I know 8:30 isn't super early, but it seems like you should wait until later than that on a Saturday to ring someone's doorbell."  "It's not 8:30," Christi replied.  "It's 9:30!"  "WHAT!"  Apparently with my sleep filled eyes, I had misread the clock by an hour when I woke up.

So yeah.  Our entire household was still sleeping at 9:30 this morning.  I told two darling little girls that they had done something wrong by waking us all up at that crazy hour.  And now I feel like a complete idiot.  Not the first time!