Friday, October 5, 2012

Update #2

Because of various findings with blood cultures, Xander will be having an MRI in the morning.  The concern is that there could be a pocket of fluid that the infection has setttled into (requiring surgery) or that the infection has spread to the bone. From what I understand, if the infection is in the bone, he will be required to be on IV antibiotics for at least four weeks.  Being as how that doesn't sound like any fun at all, we are praying that neither is the case, and that he will miraculously heal and go home tomorrow!  (;  However, the nurse just told me to not expect to go home anytime before Tuesday or Wednesday, even if things go well.

One specific thing...Xander's CRP count went from 2.3 yesterday to over 27 today-- something his nurse described as an astronomical increase like she had never seen before.

On the bright side, Xander felt well enought tonight to do crafts and walk around a little.

So there you go.


X-Man update

Xander got a fever in the night, which was brought down with Tylenol.  This morning, the doctors were feeling pretty good about things because the redness on his leg/ foot seemed to be receding a bit.  However, in the last hour he has spiked a high fever again-- 103.8.  Also, the redness has expanded.  We have had several people in here looking him over and deciding what to do.  They have given him Tylenol for the fever and they are changing his IV antibiotic.  They are also adding an additional "the big guns" antibiotic to treat him for MRSA.  Besides that, they are now consulting with infectious diseases and doing additional blood cultures to see if they can figure out exactly what is going on.

Thank you for remembering him in your prayers.