Saturday, May 26, 2012


Sophi and Lexi were fighting over the computer this morning.  These two have quite the little rivalry going.  Whether it's mommy's lap or a baby doll or the ipad, they always seem to go for the same thing at the same time, often with some whines and whimpers.  Today it was the computer at Grandma's house.  While I have no doubt they will both be proficient computer users at some point in the future, neither one of them has much capability at this point.  So they were just jockeying for position.  Fighting for power.  As I sometimes do, I had partially tuned them out.  I absentmindedly said, "Lexi, you can't play with Grandma's computer, ok?"  Then I heard this conversation:

Sophi: "Lexi, you can just watch me play the computer, ok?"

Lexi: "Sophi, I can't see.  I watch with my hands!"

Pretty clever girl:)