Thursday, April 23, 2015

Poetic License

We invited Jen to do a guest post for the blog as the culmination of her nine days of caring for our kids.  So here is a fun synopsis of the week from my talented little sister:)

Ten children, nine days, 1 dog, and a spinster:
It sounds like some dumb Lifetime movie.
But this was real life, and while certainly hard,
The experience mostly was groovy.

The kids are amazing; they’re helpful and sweet—
My wonderful nephews and nieces.
But if you’re like me, without kids of your own,
Handling 10 can reduce you to pieces.

It’s 10 little lives all dependent on you!
It’s 10 breakfasts, 10 lunches, 10 dinners!
It’s Cub Scouts and dance class, voice lessons and B-ball.
It is simply not made for beginners!

There’s homework to check, school projects to do.
There’s housework and cleaning, dog-walking.
There’s family prayer, and bedtime routines.
For 10 kids! The commitment is shocking.

And let’s face it, this family is not quite the norm.
It’s not just 10 kids you are facing.
It’s all kids of special requirements and needs
That those watching them must be embracing.

From blindness to wheelchairs and Soph without arms.
And really, it’s all quite amazing.
But this family just works as they all help each other.
These kids, I’ll forever be praising.

So yes, it is work, and yes, it’s exhausting,
And yes, my feet hurt every evening.
And yes, I admit as the days counted down,
I was not so depressed to be leaving.

Back to my life of my sweet spinsterhood!
Back to no kids and to quiet.
Back to a full DVR and my bed.
Away from the racket and riot!

And yet…those sweet children, they enter your heart.
And quickly, quite quickly, you miss it.
You’re missing the racket and riot and work.
You’re missing the time of your visit.

Because you discover, while caring for them,
That your trials in this life are tiny.
To complain about trivial problems you face
Just seems awfully silly and whiny.

And you miss all the hugs that those children give out.
And you miss all the smiles and kisses.
And you miss the cute things that the little ones say.
There’s a long list of the things this Miss misses!

And so, I will do it again, I am sure,
Giving Christi and Jer a vacation.
‘Cuz they do this all YEAR, each day in, each day out.
With barely a moment’s cessation.

So I’ll sign up again and be happy to help.
And I’ll go and play “Mom” at my best.
 Just maybe don’t ask me for several months
‘Cuz I’m still catching up on my rest!