Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Cool Asians

As a parent of a diverse group of kids, I find great joy in watching them find role models that they can relate to. Lexi and Conner loved meeting Blessing Offer at one of their USDB camps. Sophi has had the opportunity to meet Tisha Unarmed, Jessica Cox and others with limb discrepancies. Parker saw Ed Sheeran in concert 😂. Lately, Sophi has really honed in on her identity as an Asian. Last night we were watching America's got talent as a family. I absolutely love this show. I love the diversity of talents and the diversity of the performers. When one particular act came on stage, Sophi said, "Hey look-they're Asian!"  Then the performance began and they were A.Maz.Zing! At one point during their act, I was blown away and said out loud, "I don't even know what I just saw!" Sassy little Sophi said, "Um, you saw a bunch of Asians doing cool things!!!" Parker quickly responded with, "No biggie. Dad sees that every day."

I love my family!!!

Here's the AGT act: