Thursday, October 18, 2012

Keeping me on my toes!

Xander came running into my room about an hour ago, "MOM!  Elli's eating my medicine!"

My heart dropped.  I ran into the living room to find Xander's pill bottle (a very strong antibiotic for his leg infection) on the floor with several pills spilled out.  NINETEEN of them were in Elli's mouth.  They were gel caps, and only one of them had been bitten hard enough that all the powder was out-- the rest were just soggy, but full of powder.

Of course, I called poison control.  We're practically on a first name basis over there.  (;  The last time I called them it was to see if chewing and swallowing large amounts of the powdery material in pull-ups was toxic.  In case you ever need to know that, it's not.  (;  It does, however, create lots of fun bowel issues, which I won't get into here...

Anyway... after discussing things with the sweet lady at poison control and doing meticulous pill counts,  I am fairly certain that Elli is going to be ok.  I've also talked to the pharmacy, who has to contact X's doctor at the hospital to get him to send in a new prescription.  Awesome.  We learned a good lesson about keeping "childproof" pill bottles up high.  For as many times as we've called poison control, I don't believe it's ever been for medicine...  Chewing batteries until they are flat, eating tubes of desitin-- that's more her style. 

Sweet, sweet Elli, please don't scare me like that again.  I'm not up to another trip to the ER so soon.  (: