Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Ok, people, here's the deal:   Our darling friends from Puzzle Them Home have started a Facebook event.  The goal is to send 2,223 letters to Ellen on January 22-23 (today and tomorrow) nominating the fam to go on her show and get more publicity for Puzzle Them Home!  2,223 letters-- crazy, right?!  But I think it can happen!   If you have already written in, THANK YOU!  (:  I know that you are all busy people-- please know that we really, truly appreciate your efforts!   They have made it super easy to do-- it's all online and you can just copy and paste a letter they have written if you don't want to do your own.  You can read about it HERE.    This is my thought-- we have 248 blog followers.  If even half of you write a letter for both you and your spouse and find 3 additional people to write letters, that would be over 600 letters just from our blog readers.  That would be AWESOME! 

So... I'm going to make you a deal!  If you choose to participate, please leave a comment here as well as on the Facebook page.  If we get at least 50 comments here, I will promise to write (or bug Jeremy to write) 50 blog entries in the next 50 days.   That's 50 chances to read about exploding frozen root beer and parenting mishaps and Sophi-isms and tea parties and funny pranks and pratfalls.  I might even throw in a heartfelt post or two about dealing with trials and how I'm learning to "let go."    I know-- you can hardly contain your excitement, right? (wink wink)

--Christianne  (;

Science Experiment Part Deux plus Fort Fascination

Xander decided for his science experiment, he would determine the blast radius of a full bottle of salsa dropped from about four feet.  Impressive!

The kids spent the long weekend building, redesigning and rebuilding forts.  My favorite iteration came from Parker's engineering intellect.  Just tape a hanger to the ceiling, tie on some blankets and viola!!!