Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Silver Lake

Last summer Taylor and Parker decided they wanted to go backpacking with a couple of their friends.  I took their group up to a favorite hike of mine --  Silver Lake in American Fork canyon.  We had a great time, and the boys decided to do it again this year.  So in July, just three short days after we returned from our Alaska Basin trip, we set off again into the wilderness.  (As I was driving home from the Tetons, I was seriously worried about the ability of my legs to recover in time.  Teenagers have no such issues, but as you can see from the videos of me in the water up in Alaska Basin and also on this trip, I am not built like my teenagers!)

Taylor and his friends Cohlton and Brody, Parker and his buddy Austin, had a blast.  The first portion of the hike, up to Silver Lake, isn't too steep.  The payoff is magnificent when you arrive at one of the most beautiful alpine lakes you'll ever come across.  Once at this point we had to jump in:).  

(As I watch this video, a slightly modified Sesame Street song comes to mind "Five of these guys belong together, five of these guys are kind of the same...") 

After Silver Lake, the trail gets super steep for about three fourths of a mile up to Silver Glance Lake, which is where we camped.  The camp spot up there is perfect!

To help get a feel for the steeples of this terrain, look closely for Parker and Austin in the middle of this picture...

Last year this rock was easily accessible.  This year they had to create a bridge with a dead tree to get out there...

I got a new bug net for my hammock:)

Flashlight light sabers!

The next morning we hike up another 1200 feet to the top of Red Baldy, an 11,150 foot peak.  Unbelievable panoramic views!

Taylor found this perfect zen spot last year and made sure to replicate the experience this year.

Mid-July and plenty of snow to sled down:

On the way back down, Taylor wanted to enjoy one last dip in the lake...

I am a lucky dad to have kids who enjoy the outdoors so much.  Great trip!  Love my family and love where we live:)