Monday, May 17, 2010

Entries from the kids...

Well, I guess all we figured out from our cereal poll is that half of you are crazy like Jeremy and don't put sugar on your Wheaties. (:

Tonight for our Family Home Evening lesson we talked about the importance of keeping journals. We talked about how our blog is a family journal, and told the kids that they could write in it whenever they wanted. They each wanted a turn tonight, so I sat down and typed verbatim what they wanted to say:

I love Grandpa Nelson very much. Wednesday me and Graci are going to the wishing place. Today I went to the zoo for a field trip. I saw tigers! My daddy came with me. I had fun. For my lunch I had a peanut butter sandwich, cheetohs, white donuts, carrots, and flavored water. I like Grandpa Green so much. Let’s see. Um… I would like to go to Disneyland. I like to go to China too. My teacher’s name is Mrs. Proud. She likes green. Mrs. Proud is 282 nice! That’s how nice she is! I like flowers. And that’s all. –Jessica (age 6)

I like Grandma so much and I like Grandma give me treats and I like Grandma give me hugs. And, let’s see… I like Grandpa so so much. I like Daddy so much! And I like my sisters so much too. And I like my brothers. I like my Mommy. I like my friends really much. I like to color. I like to write names. And I like food like carrots and pizza and ice cream. I feel about America so so much. And I like my family so much because I was China and I miss new family and then my new family come China and now I happy. I like to play and I like to sleep with my brothers. And I like Jesus really much and I like Jesus so much and that’s all. –Xander (age 5)

At the beginning of my baseball year I was doing really good at hitting. Then after the first three games I went into a hitting slump. For awhile I just couldn’t hit. I felt really down and upset that I couldn’t hit the ball. Finally, after awhile, I started praying to get a hit. Then the next game I went crazy, hitting three balls in a row and two triples! It was awesome! I know that prayer works and I am thankful that I know about it. I only have eleven more actual school days until school gets out. The last day of school is June 4. I’m so excited to be a fifth grader. I made piƱatas today and it was very very very very very very sticky. I’m excited that the end of the school year is coming up. Some of my favorite things right now are watching and playing sports, math, school, spending time with my family, and READING. I love my family so much. – Taylor (age 10)

I was going to do a cooking class and my mommy was searching for one but she couldn’t find it so my mommy said she would teach one. I got to choose five friends and I choose Alli, Brynn, Daisy, Kara, and Jaylynn. Jesi get to come too. Then the first day we did all recipes that had eggs in it. We did crepes, omelets, sunshine toast, and German pancakes. Omelets was my favorite. Now I cook lots of omelets. The second time we did all peanut butter. We made muddy buddies, scotcheroos, and six different healthy peanut butter snacks. By the time when we leave we all peanut-butter out! The third class we did easy dinners. We made walking tacos, spaghetti muffins, BBQ chicken pizza, and taco soup. My favorite was the pizza with the bacon on it. The fourth day, which is today, we did fruit dip. And that was so good! We made nine different fruit dips and dipped strawberries, bananas and apples in them and it was good. Next cooking class we’re doing Chinese food. I’m so happy because I’m from China and Chinese food one of my favorite food. Everybody love cooking class! Everytime when it is Monday I get so excited about it because it was cooking class! PS. Sometimes I like to ask my mom before cooking class what we’re cooking for that day. The end. Love Graci. – Graci (age 11)

Baseball has been really fun this year. I have the best coach in the whole world. That’s you, Dad! My positions are third base, pitcher and catcher. Our team is the Angels. Our record is five and five. Our team goal is to finish first, second, or third. I don’t think we’ll make it to first, but I know we’re going to make it to second. I am so excited to adopt little Lexi. She is the cutest little girl I have ever seen besides my other sisters. I’m also so happy for Graci because she gets to make a wish. I love every member in our family so much. Xander has the cutest smile I have ever seen! Elli just has the most beautiful voice. Jessica is the best little sister a boy could have. Taylor is the best friend in the world. And Graci is so sweet and kind. Mom helps so much with our family and I just love her a lot. And Dad—he spends a lot of time with his kids and coaches us. – Parker (age 9)