Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lone Peak 2010

The weekend after our trip up Y mountain was our annual (and highly anticipated) Lone Peak adventure. This is the third year that Christi, Taylor, Parker and I have backpacked and camped up in the Lone Peak wilderness. I was introduced to this hike about 18 years ago by a college roommate. It is quite a challenging hike, especially with all of your gear (and a portion of your sons' gear!) strapped to your back. We ascend close to 3000 feet over the course of 2-3 miles.

Last year when we went to China, I bought backpacks for all four of us. Previously, Christi and I had borrowed packs from my aunt and uncle and the boys had just used school packs. The boys new packs have waist straps, so they are much better for this type of trip. I was the one who loaded all the packs. My pack weighed about 32 pounds, Christi’s was about 24. Taylor’s was 14 and Parker’s was 12.

The trailhead is in Alpine, Utah and is called Dry Creek Trailhead. Half way up the trail there is a small meadow which makes a great resting point. It is also a good point to eat a snack, although we had snacks with us to keep us going the entire way. We have three snacks we take every year: jerky, dried mango, and starbursts. Sounds like an odd combination, but it’s a delicious way to get some energy. We found some company in the meadow this year...

About 2/3 of the way up you get a view of a spectacular waterfall. On the way back down on Saturday, we cut off the main trail and go over to get a close-up look. It’s gorgeous. Pretty cold, too☺.

At the top of our hike is a huge outcropping of rock. It’s a great place to sit and view the valley below. The views are spectacular, and usually we are the only people in the vicinity.

The spot we camp is pretty difficult to find unless you know it’s there. It’s a small, perfect campsite. We have a fire pit and cook right over the flames. The easiest and lightest way to cook is to bring freeze-dried food. That way, all we have to do is boil water from the river that runs right by our campsite. We sleep under the stars. This year we took a little more time to flatten out the ground where we were going to sleep, and it made a big difference. In the morning, Christi was served breakfast in bed! (A bowl of oatmeal:)

As Christi and I were setting up camp, Parker built and lit the fire all by himself. He was extremely proud☺.

Lone Peak has become a tradition that we love to share. Every year, the boys ask me how many more years I will be able to make the hike. I tell them my goal is to do it until I turn 70! Wish me luck☺.


PS. When we got home, Parker was absolutely exhausted. It was about 5pm on Saturday. 45 minutes after we got back, I went into his room and found him sound asleep and curled up under his blanket. Poor kid:)