Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sophi Quotes

Me:  Who do you love, Sophi?

Sophi:  Sophi!

Me:  Mommy loves Sophi!  Who do YOU love?

Sophi:  Sophi!

Me:  Do you love Mommy?

Sophi:  I love Sophi!  Cuz I too cute!


Sophi:  I want make up!

Me:  You want make up?

Sophi:  Yes.  I want pretty eyes!

I put makeup on her, and she looks in mirror.

Sophi:  I is pretty!  I want sit by Cole now!  (Cole is Parker's best friend and Sophi's biggest crush)


On the way to Primary Children's, you have to drive onto the University of Utah's campus.  (They are BYU's biggest rivalry.)  I don't know why, but completely out of the blue and the second we drove onto their campus, Sophi started chanting, "BYU!  BYU!  BYU!"  I still am getting a kick out of it.  How could she know where we were???


Me:  Sophi, Mommy loves you soooo much!

Sophi:  You love ME?  Ohhhhhhh.  Good!


While watching me dress Elli:

Sophi:  Oh, Elli have feet? 

Me:  Yes, Elli has feet.

Sophi:  And Elli have hands?

Me:  Yes, Elli has hands?

Sophi: Both?

Me:  Yes, Elli has both.

Sophi:  Ohhhhhh.  I have feet hands!


Today Jesi had an appointment at Primary Children's.  I had to bring Sophi with, and she was being very distracting during the visit.  Luckily, the physician was enamoured with her and not bothered at all.  At one point, she gave her a roll of stickers to play with .  Sophi peeled them off one by one and put them on my shirt.  I wasn't really paying attention to the whole thing-- just happy that she was finally being quiet while I was visiting with the physician.  By the end, I had at least fifteen brightly colored stickers on my shirt.  All along the top part of my chest, if you get my drift.

I totally didn't even think about the fact that I had all those stickers on my shirt, and proceeded to run errands the rest of the day.  Don't ask me how I didn't notice them. I chatted with the guys at the Smith's checkstand, ran kids here and there, visited with acquaintances, etc.  All without a coat or jacket on.   It wasn't until I went to pick up Lexi and Xander from "sports camp" (an adaptive camp for kids with special needs) that I realized people were staring at my shirt.

Um, oops.

I love being a mother.  (: