Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Quick update

Graci's appointment went really well.  She saw the head of the department of neurology and he was so nice and very thorough.  The EEG didn't show anything abnormal but he wants to do an MRI next.  His guess was that her seizures could be related to a cerebral abscess that she had when she was 6.  The MRI might give some more clues.  His opinion was that the seizures were not related to her heart condition.  He thinks that there is a better chance than not that she will have another seizure, so there was a question of whether or not to do preventative medication yet, but we decided against it for now.  We were given some medication to treat a seizure should we be in a place that we couldn't get to a hospital quickly and the seizure wouldn't stop on its own.  She's not allowed to take baths or swim without constant adult supervision.  Other than that, she can pretty much carry on normally and we'll await the MRI results.

I felt really great leaving the office.  I had prayed for a doctor that was both kind and thorough and he was just perfect.  He spent a long time just talking to us and was really good with Graci.  He seemed careful and cautious but not overly worried.

Thanks so much for your love and concern for her.  (:


Happy Birthday, Xander!

Today is X-man's birthday.  He's been counting down the days for the last several weeks.  Yesterday I asked him what he was excited for about his birthday and he said with great enthusiasm, "Because Dad's gonna take me to the store and buy some new cool shoes!"  (:  Jeremy knew nothing about that, by the way.  Hmmmm.

Xander has the kindest, sweetest heart.  He usually responds the best of any of the kids when I ask for something-- his answer is almost always, "Sure!"  He loves to take care of people by bringing them blankets, offering massages, making them snacks, etc.  Yesterday Lexi had a friend over.  Xander got out five big tupperware bowls, filled them with snow (old snow-- ick!), added sno cone flavoring, then set the table for a "snow feast."  When I walked in and found them eating it I was a little bit disgusted and a lot humored.  Unfortunately, when I told the friend's mom (mistake) I think she was a little humored and a lot disgusted.  (;   It was so Xander.  He is constantly making big messes that have purpose to him (filling bags with lots of random things from around the house, creating new inventions, etc) and wants "real tools" for his birthday so he can build things.  He is a good friend, a leader, tender-hearted, impulsive, cuddly, handsome, super-duper silly, and very loved.

Breakfast in bed choice-- juice, bacon, mangoes, grapes, fried egg sandwich with lots of pepper

Happy 8th birthday, Xander Commander!  We love you!