Sunday, March 31, 2013


This is not how it was supposed to be.

The plan was to be in Ferron right now, going to a wonderful Easter service with my family followed by a nice Easter dinner that I wasn't in charge of.  I would feel "a good tired" from "Eastering" out in the beautiful Utah desert, four-wheeling and rappelling and Easter-egg-hunting and cooking and visiting and basking in this gorgeous Spring weather.  My kids would be lined up in the pew in their new Easter clothes, a little pink from being outdoors and smiling with memories of one of their favorite weekends of the year.

Alas, I am here.  At my own house, at my own computer.  Jer and most of the kids are at church while I am home with Elli, both of us not feeling too great.  The van is in the shop after having problems on the way down to "Easter."  Friday was a day of packing and getting 8 kids ready (Xander went early with Uncle Matthew and Aunt Megan) and four hours of driving only to end up home with lots of tears on precious little faces.  Suitcases strewn about the house, baskets hidden in the yard instead of the beautiful red rocks, messes made here that were supposed to be made there, huge amounts of scotcharoos in our bellies that were supposed to be shared amongst all of the extended family, and no soft sand to dig new plastic shovels into.

Such is life.  

A life that we can have only because of what we celebrate today-- the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Every day, even the hard ones, is made beautiful through Him.  It is because of Him that we have our wonderful Easter traditions.  An Easter bunny to remind us of the abundance of life that He gave.  Eggs to roll. reminding us of the stone rolling away from the tomb and the new life that it promised.   Eggs to color, reminding us of the beautiful new life we will someday have with our loved ones.  Baskets of sweets to remind us of the sweetness of His gift to us.  FAMILY to love and spend time with.

So even though this was not the plan, I am grateful this Easter Sunday to be sitting here in my home, sick and with a messy house and lots of kids to take care of and with a knowledge of the Redeemer of the world and the event that changed the world over 2,000 years ago.  I love Him. 

Happy Easter, everyone!
Hey, at least I have my Easter weed!  (;


(Xander will get his basket when he comes home from Grandma's, and Elli wasn't up yet when we looked for baskets so I don't have a picture of hers, though she did happen to get the best basket this year!)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jesi's future boyfriends: take note

Jeremy knows I love flowers and came home the other night with a beautiful Easter lily that hadn't bloomed yet.  It sparked the following conversation the next morning:

Jesi:  (totally sweet innocent voice)  "So what's up with the weed?"

Me:  "What?"

Jesi:  "I said, 'What's up with the weed?'"

Me:  "What are you talking about?"

Jesi:  (exasperated at this point)  "WHY is there a WEED in our KITCHEN?!!!"

 Jes was not amused that we made her take a picture with the offending plant.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Quick update

Graci's appointment went really well.  She saw the head of the department of neurology and he was so nice and very thorough.  The EEG didn't show anything abnormal but he wants to do an MRI next.  His guess was that her seizures could be related to a cerebral abscess that she had when she was 6.  The MRI might give some more clues.  His opinion was that the seizures were not related to her heart condition.  He thinks that there is a better chance than not that she will have another seizure, so there was a question of whether or not to do preventative medication yet, but we decided against it for now.  We were given some medication to treat a seizure should we be in a place that we couldn't get to a hospital quickly and the seizure wouldn't stop on its own.  She's not allowed to take baths or swim without constant adult supervision.  Other than that, she can pretty much carry on normally and we'll await the MRI results.

I felt really great leaving the office.  I had prayed for a doctor that was both kind and thorough and he was just perfect.  He spent a long time just talking to us and was really good with Graci.  He seemed careful and cautious but not overly worried.

Thanks so much for your love and concern for her.  (:


Happy Birthday, Xander!

Today is X-man's birthday.  He's been counting down the days for the last several weeks.  Yesterday I asked him what he was excited for about his birthday and he said with great enthusiasm, "Because Dad's gonna take me to the store and buy some new cool shoes!"  (:  Jeremy knew nothing about that, by the way.  Hmmmm.

Xander has the kindest, sweetest heart.  He usually responds the best of any of the kids when I ask for something-- his answer is almost always, "Sure!"  He loves to take care of people by bringing them blankets, offering massages, making them snacks, etc.  Yesterday Lexi had a friend over.  Xander got out five big tupperware bowls, filled them with snow (old snow-- ick!), added sno cone flavoring, then set the table for a "snow feast."  When I walked in and found them eating it I was a little bit disgusted and a lot humored.  Unfortunately, when I told the friend's mom (mistake) I think she was a little humored and a lot disgusted.  (;   It was so Xander.  He is constantly making big messes that have purpose to him (filling bags with lots of random things from around the house, creating new inventions, etc) and wants "real tools" for his birthday so he can build things.  He is a good friend, a leader, tender-hearted, impulsive, cuddly, handsome, super-duper silly, and very loved.

Breakfast in bed choice-- juice, bacon, mangoes, grapes, fried egg sandwich with lots of pepper

Happy 8th birthday, Xander Commander!  We love you!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Speaking of Lexi...

Lexi's been up to all kinds of fun the past few weeks.  

After hearing that both Jer and I were too busy, Parker (aka "sweetest brother in the world") went to work putting together Lexi's tandem bike that Santa brought her this year.  Luckily, it was a few days before all of this snowy weather.  (:  Lexi had a BALL and I'm sure we'll be spending lots of time on the bike this summer!  Jesi made sure that Lexi was wearing plenty of protective gear:

Lex was so excited to go to "The Braille Challenge" this year.  She had no idea what it was-- but told anyone and everyone she met that she would be going!  Though it was a bit over her current level of understanding, I think she enjoyed being with other kids who were blind or visually impaired.  This is her all ready to go:

Several months ago, we applied for a grant from the Deaf and Blind Children's Fund to help subsidize a Victor Reader Stream for Lexi.  We only paid about 1/3 of the cost and they paid the rest-- AWESOME!  This is Leah Voorhees presenting Lexi with her Victor Reader.  Now if we can only figure out how to work it...

Yesterday was the annual Easter Egg Hunt for the visually impaired.  They have beeping eggs that the kids (and adults) find and turn in for candy.  Again, Lexi talked about this event for weeks beforehand and was soooooo excited to go and meet "new blind friends."  After the hunt, we went inside to have lunch.  Lexi said to me, "Mom, I don't really want to sit by you.  I just want to sit by blind friends."  So I had to go up to some strangers and basically say, "Hi.  I don't know you but my daughter is dying to sit by you if that's ok."  As it turns out, they all LOVED Lexi and she did indeed make LOTS of "new blind friends" before we left.  Wonderful people.  I love that girl!

 (I know... I look weird.  But there weren't many pics to choose from)

 And, just because:

FYI, Tomorrow is Graci's EEG.  She's supposed to go to bed after midnight tonight and wake up by 4 a.m. so she'll be nice and tired for the procedure.  Graci of course is totally excited about staying up late and getting up early to watch TV.  (:  We won't know results until Tuesday.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Miss Lexi Li and Little Lexi

This is beautiful Lexi's referral photo:

I am madly in love with my Lexi.  She is an all-around special girl.  

She is just so GOOD.

Everywhere she goes, she reaches her hand out and touches whoever is around her and says, "Hi!  My name is Lexi.  What's your name?"  This often leads to a long conversation and instant friendship.  People LOVE and ADORE this sweet girl.  Her teachers, friends, neighbors, and strangers are drawn to her and her special spirit.  She brings us so much JOY.

This is beautiful Yin's referral photo:

When I read Yin's profile, I immediately thought of my Lexi.  Her personality sounds exactly the same.  In fact, I'm just going to call her "Little Lexi."  And I thought to myself, "This is just TRAGIC!"  Little Lexi is sitting in an orphanage across the world.   So many wonderful, sweet people here are drawn to my Lexi and will even say things like, "Oh, I wish I had a daughter just like her," or "Could I take you home with me?!"  And there is one-year-old Little Lexi, waiting for a family of her own.


Are you sure this little girl doesn't have a place in your family?  Oh my goodness, is she ever precious!  You would be working with the most wonderful agency, CCAI, and Little Lexi would have such a good head start by getting home at a much younger age than our Lexi.  She could be reading (braille) on level by the time she gets into kindergarten.  She could have such a bright future.  She could bring SO MUCH JOY into your home.

I'm just sayin'....    (;


Little Lexi's description:

Yin is a very pretty little girl, but she can’t enjoy the color of the world in her life because due to her special need of hypoplasia of the optic nerve, she can’t see anything. She can only use her hearing to experience this world. She has also been diagnosed with patent foramen ovale.

Yin is extremely well-mannered, and when she’s not doing anything, she will always be by herself sitting quietly off to the side listening to the little children run around and making noises often times giving rise to a happy smile. Even though she can’t see things, she can grab onto her own cookies and bread and eat them. Her hearing is very sensitive, especially towards the sounds from a nanny who often takes care of her. Every time she hears the sound of the nanny talking, she will accurately turn her hands and face towards the nanny, hoping the nanny will see her. Her body is quite hale and hearty and now if you use one hand to support her, she can walk forward.

The older she gets, the more she understands. In general, she can understand a few simple words and terms, she can clap her hands in welcome, and she knows parts of her body like hands, feet, tongue, etc. Her personality is getting brighter and brighter and she is learning how to play with other children and horseplay with them. She plays well, she likes every kind of toy and sometimes when she hears a cartoon come on the TV, she will say “n, a” to make a few sentences. It is so cute!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

When ye have done it unto the least of these, ye have done it unto Me.

Thank you all so much for the sweet comments and expressions of concern.  I am so sorry I didn't update yesterday-- I know many of you have asked for one.  I went into shut-down mode yesterday and just didn't feel like talking about it.   I guess I still feel that way today, but I know people are worried and I want to at least let you know that Graci is doing great.  She acted pretty much normal yesterday besides being tired and is at school today-- yay!  Unfortunately (and I can't put into words how frustrated I feel about this) her neurology appointment is next Tuesday.  Apparently, they like to worry mothers as long as possible  wait for the effects of the seizures to wear off to get accurate readings on the tests.   Obviously, the tests could show NOTHING and it could be a one time event that we can just chalk up as a good reminder of what's important in life.  Or it could be something bigger.  I am not fond of option two.

So, to change subjects and talk about something that makes me smile, I want to share three of many acts of kindness that recently happened to our family:

1.  As I've talked about in the past, we are the incredibly blessed recipients of "laundry fairies."  One of the sweetest couples I've ever met in my life show up every Tuesday and Friday morning to pick up FOUR loads of laundry.  They even let me just sit it out on my porch so I don't have to be here.   It's returned later that night or the next morning, neatly folded and smelling wonderful.  I feel incredibly sheepish even blogging about this, because I know that I am spoiled rotten and that I don't deserve it any more than any of you reading this.  I wish every busy mother could have laundry fairies in their lives, and you can be assured that I plan on being one someday!  Anyway... this couple exudes kindness and the true love of Christ.  I LOVE them.  So when Lexi and Xander burst into tears and began sobbing uncontrollably when they found out that their grandparents wouldn't be there for "Grandparent Day" at school, this sweet couple came to our minds.  The next time they came over, I timidly asked if they had plans on Friday at 10:30.  As it turns out, they were both working.  When I told them why I was asking, her reply was, "Well, then we'll just have to be there!  I mean... priorities, right?!!"  Even with all of my insistence that it wasn't necessary, they took their precious time to be surrogate grandparents for Lexi, Xander, and Jesi.  The kids were SO happy about this.  It's all they could talk about after school that day.  I had to laugh when Russ told me the next day, "I had so much fun with Xander.  As we were walking down the hall, a lady asked him, 'Is this your grandpa, Xander?' to which he replied, 'No, it's the guy who does our laundry!'"  Her quick reply-- "Even better!"  (:

2.  You all know of Elli's antics in her bed.    As I'm sure we've mentioned, Elli sleeps on what was once the guest bed (before we had so many cute kids) and it is a very nice, expensive, kind-sized mattress.  Because we don't have anywhere else to put the mattress, it has become hers-- lucky girl.  With her lovely habit of taking off her pull-ups and ripping through mattress protectors, it was in need of a good cleaning.  I found someone online who had great reviews and gave him a call.   He told me it would be $100, and after calling around, that seemed reasonable.  When he and his son came here, I explained how the stains got there, which led to questions about Elli and our other kids.  As he cleaned the mattress, I went out to play with Sophi and her friend, Jordan.  When he finished, he came outside to let me know that he was done and he wasn't going to accept payment.  I tried to convince him otherwise, but he had been touched by the kids and their stories and asked me to please allow him to do it for free.  My heart was so full, and I want to share his information in case anyone here in Utah is looking for a very kind man to do their carpet cleaning!   He did a great job-- the mattress looks amazing.  (:

3.  While at the hospital, one of our neighbors came over to check on the kids and ended up spending a good deal of time here.  Anyone that knows me knows that deep cleaning is not my forte.  I am very happy if my house is picked up-- it takes a special occasion to do something like baseboards or dusting ceiling fans.  I have one window that has been particularly neglected.  It is right above the sink and because I rationalize that nobody (meaning company) really ever looks through it, I haven't cleaned it in a VERY (you don't want to know) long time.  Apparently, LuAnn must have noticed this (hmmm... I wonder how....) and decided to clean it.  I mean, she took the whole window out and gave it a good cleaning.  I can actually see out that window now-- I know, amazing concept!  It was just one thing, but it meant a lot to me.  It also taught me that even though we can't do everything for someone, we can do SOMETHING.  She couldn't deep clean my whole house, but doing that one window made me feel super loved.  (:

Again, I could write many more examples-- please know that if you are one of the sweet angels in my life that I do know it and I do treasure you and appreciate you, even though I'm often not great at sending thank-yous or letting you know-- I really am grateful for EVERY act of kindness.   I'm determined to be better at following your examples and blessing the lives of those around me.  (:


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Graci update

I'm writing this as a way to respond to the many sweet texts (to Jeremy's phone-- mine is lost--ugh-- so if you're texting me, I'm not getting it--sorry) and messages of concern about Graci.  I figured this would be the easiest way to let you all know what's going on.

At about 2:40 today I received a phone call from Graci's school telling me that Graci was having a seizure and to come immediately.  I was, of course, terrified.  With all of Graci's health problems, she has never had a seizure in our care.  (Her health report from China said that she possibly had a seizure when she was 5 or 6.)  Sophi's friend, Jordan, was over to play, so I threw them both in the van, sped to the Jordan's home, and basically threw the two girls at Jordan's mom.  (Thank you, Sharlie!  I am so glad that I knew I could do that without so much as asking if it was ok.)  When I arrived at the school a few minutes later, there were already firetrucks and an ambulance outside.  I jumped out of the van and went running for the doors.  School had just let out, and apparently word spreads fast because students were yelling at me, "She's in the gym!"

When I arrived, she was lying on the floor surrounded by teachers and paramedics.  She was talking a little bit and responsive, which was so relieving.  I sat next to her and comforted her and answered questions for the paramedics.  Jeremy came a few minutes later, and soon after he arrived, she had another seizure.

For those of you who have ever had to watch your child have a seizure, I am so, so sorry.  It was awful and frankly, the most terrifying thing I've experienced.  She wasn't breathing well during the seizure and the paramedics had so give her some medication through her nose to help her.  Hearing her finally gasp and take a deep breath was the most beautiful sound, but she continued to cough and struggle to breathe easily after that.  As soon as she stopped seizing, they strapped her to a stretcher and hurried her out to the ambulance.  They allowed Jeremy 15 seconds to give her a blessing inside the ambulance before taking off.  I was allowed to ride in front and watch her through a camera while Jeremy drove.  It was the longest 40 minute drive I've ever been on!  I won't share all the thoughts that went through my mind, but I will say that there is nothing like this to help you put life and challenges in perspective and to help you realize how you always want to be treating your children.

Because I am quite wiped out at this point, I will skip to what you really want to hear:  Graci is home.  They don't know what caused the seizures.  She had an EKG and it was normal (for her.)  There is no sign of infection or a stroke.  Cardiologists are doubting that it is related to her heart.  So... the next step is to get some neurological testing done.  Tomorrow we will be getting an appointment for an EEG which will hopefully give us some more information.  For now, we were given the instructions that if she has another seizure to call 911, but to otherwise let her rest and wait and see what neurology says.  So there you go.

Thank you to the wonderful friends who helped with kids and dinner-- we are so thankful.  I loved knowing that I didn't need to worry about what was going on at home.   I'm so grateful to have so many angels in my life.

I'm sure I don't need to ask-- but would you please keep Graci in your prayers this week?



Monday, March 18, 2013

Missing a special friend

Jesi's darling best friend moved a few months ago.  While cleaning up the living room today, I found a piece of paper.  It had a darling picture of two girls within a heart and these words:

When Rylie had moved the world seemed different to me.  It's like the world has changed for me.  It's like I'm in a different world.  I feel very sad.  I haven't been having the right feeling so what should I do for now?  I think for this day nothing will get worse because I feel lonely without my friend Rylie.  I feel like when we Skype it's like we are together!!  When that happens I feel the world is very good.

Breaks my heart.


Two Beautiful Girls!

I went to bed last night next to the most beautiful girl in the world.  I woke up this morning next to two of the most beautiful girls in the world. About 5am I felt a little snuggle/kick in my side.  I groggily rolled over and saw Sophi staring up at me.  A big smile lit up her face as she leaned into give me a kiss.  Somehow my grumpiness at being woken up melted away into appreciation for this precious little imp that often tells me how much she loves me and that I am the best daddy.  Ah, parenthood...short on sleep, long on love!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Couple of Pictures

The other day Cali and Jesi were gigling.  "What?" I asked.  Jesi explained: "When Cali locks her leg in place and stands up...she's shorter than I am!"  Another fit of laughter from the two girls.

We were driving to Parker's basketball game the other day.  Some of us were really tired...

A Family Home Evening trip to the rec center to go swimming.  This picture shows almost enough towels for our family:

Have a super-fantastic day!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Who's on the phone?

Saturday morning I took Taylor to a junior high math competition.  On the way back I was going to go right by Walmart.  I figured I could stop and pick up some items for Sunday dinner.  I've become much more domestic lately.  I cook way more frequently than I used to.  I planned on making cream of broccoli soup (which I did and which turned out to be very well received by the kiddos!).

I called Christi to see if she wanted me to get anything for her while I was at the store.  She answered the home phone and we talked for a few minutes.  She asked if we had been able to find the competition and Taylor's teacher.  I had.  She asked if we were on time.  Early!  (This is a fairly big accomplishment for me.)  I asked how her morning had been.  Had she been able to go back to sleep after we left?  No.  What was the problem?  Sophi and Lexi kept coming in the room and needing this and that, etc.  Anyway, we had been talking for at least five minutes.  I finally came around to the point of my call.  "Do you need me to get anything while I'm at Walmart?"

Instantly this third voice chimes in, very matter-of-factly and without any hint that she might think she's a third wheel in this conversation:  "We could use some fresh rasberries and strawberries for waffles, 'cuz I love waffles.  And maybe you could get some Fruity Pebbles.  Actually, maybe you should get two bags of Fruity Pebbles 'cuz we have such a big family.  Oh, and you know those cookies you get for lunch?  The ones that are chocolate and strawberry and vanilla?  But you've been only getting the vanilla kind lately?  You should get some of the chocolate and strawberry ones 'cuz I really like them, too."

"Thanks, Jess.  Those are great suggestions.  Would you like me to get some cool whip for the waffles?"

"Just a minute, let me check and see if we have any...pause...Um, is sour cream like cool whip?"

"Not at all."

"Then, yes.  You better get some cool whip, too.  Good idea, Dad!"

I love my Jessica!!!


Friday, March 8, 2013


Elli.  What goes on in your head when you sing pop songs and church songs and songs I've never heard but that are obviously real songs and songs I've never heard because you just made them up?  What motivates you to go downstairs, play the piano for a few minutes, then come back up and play with three of your rmusical toys at once, pushing the same button rapidly so that you hear the first sound of whatever the toy does over and over and over again?  Why do you suddenly get angry and scream and throw a fit when two seconds before you were sitting silently with your thumbs pressing your eyes?  What makes you ask repeatedly for chocolate and pumpkin bread and juice and treats and fruit snacks and many other types of food (OK, that last one was a dumb question:).  Dear, wonderful Elli, what made you ask, "Dance with Mommy?" yesterday morning?  How happy you made your mother.  You had never asked for this before.  Last year I started dancing with you before you got on the schoolbus, and since then you have often asked to dance with Daddy.  But today, something made you ask for your mom. 

Oh to understand you, sweet Elli.  And to have you understand us.  You had an appointment with a child psychiatrist today.  We set it up a few weeks ago when you were going through an almost unendurable screaming phase.  It was having an impact on all of us at home and on your teachers at school.  We were hoping there might be some medication that would help you settle down, help you feel less agitated.  But now you've settled down on your own.  You're on to a happier phase with lots of giggles and laughs and jumps and bounces.  And so we wondered why we were taking you at all.

Elli, I continue to grow in my ability to love you for who you are.  I still have much to learn, but my own blindness is lessening as I have the blessing of seeing beyond what most people see.  Of seeing beyond what I've seen in the past when looking at people with severe cognitive disabilities.  Of seeing you.  The glimpses are few and often far between.  But they are there.  Times when the distance between us suddenly becomes oh-so-small.  A hug.  A kiss.  A rare comment.  Glimpses that let us know you are in there.  Waiting.  And we continue to wait for you, dear Elli.  And we have faith.  A perfect Father has a perfect plan for you.  One far beyond our comprehension, but nonetheless His perfect will for you.  And you are beautiful.  Beautiful for who you are now.  Because someday when your body and mind work perfectly, you will still be you!  That precious spirit He protected in a body that would never have to deal with temptation or sin.  And I am sure that when we meet the perfect you we will look back and say, "If only we had been less blind, we would have seen more of the real you back then."  The real Elli. 

Christi reminded me tonight of a post I wrote on Elli's blog a couple of years ago.  I had been blessed with a glimpse of an unhindered Elli.  The Lord watches over us.  He loves us.  And He blesses us with moments of perfect sight when we need them most.  And then they pass.  And we continue on in faith until the next moment comes.

So grateful for those moments.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Good Kids!

We try, on at least a semi-regular basis, to have a family council each Sunday.  This is a meeting that the kids really look forward to.  During family council, each family member can bring up one concern they have or one idea they think would be good for our family.  Usually we just involve the oldest five, and the ideas and thoughts they bring up are very relevant.  We discuss each idea as a family and everyone is welcome to provide input and suggestions.  Everybody's thoughts are treated with respect, even if an idea isn't implemented.  It's a great way to introduce changes into our routines and to really get everyone's buy-in. 

One topic we've been discussing for the last couple of weeks is whether or not to begin a morning family scripture study.  We have always had a brief scripture after our family prayer in the evening, but it is tailored more towards the younger kids.  The morning study would still be short, but it would be more in-depth and hopefully more spiritually nourishing.  It would require us all to get up a little earlier, so there has been some resistance to the idea, but not a lot.  Overall, I've been really impressed by our kids' willingness to do something difficult but rewarding.

Last night at family council we decided to give the early morning routine a try for a week and then discuss how it went.  We all agreed to get up at 6:25 and meet in the living room at 6:30.  Taylor even volunteered to get up at 6:20 and make hot chocolate for everyone.  Before bed Parker said to me, "I really think it will be great to start our day with scriptures.  I'm really looking forward to it." 


Let me just say that I was not too enthusiastic about similar morning scripture times when I was a kid.  I'm so grateful for such good kids with such great perspective:)


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Two Peas in a Pod

Lexi and Soph have a very special relationship.  I think it is at least in part due to their having been adopted together.  I love to see Sophi leading Lexi around the house by grasping Lexi's hand between her chin and her chest.  I love to see Lexi lift Sophi down from her high chair after she's eaten.  They are quite cute.  And they can get into some funny situations.

I'm sitting in my office trying to get some work done.  I hear Lexi and Sophi come downstairs.  They're playing in the other room.  I ask them to come into my office so I can ask them a question.  I hear Sophi start walking in, talking as she comes. 

As she gets close to the door, she suddenly stops and says "But Daddy...I maked!!!"  (That's how she pronounces 'naked'.)

 "Just come in anyway," I say.  Sure enough, she is naked as a jaybird (except for a pearl ankle bracelet?!?).  "Why are you naked?"

"Cuz I went potty."

"Who helped you?"


Uh-huh.  Somehow I just don't think this episode lived up to the same sanitary standards I would have tried to incorporate. Guess I'll just be glad that they work together so well.


PS.  It just occurred to me that perhaps the title of this post should be "Two Pees in a Pod"...  Sorry:)


I met this young lady's mother at a medical convention recently.  What a great example Lauren is of the tremendous contributions and successes that can be offered by those with disabilities!

See the video HERE.

The Woman

Jesi is such a dichotomy.  On the one hand she is still Daddy's little girl.  She loves to be tucked in each night.  She is sweet and innocent.  She can get her feelings hurt at the smallest things.  On the other hand, she is this pre-teen crusader with an agenda she is not afraid to share with anyone.  She tells us what she thinks of rules, seating arrangements, chore assignments and whatever else she wants to express her opinion on.  And her tone of voice lets you know who she thinks the boss is.

One of my favorite ways she takes charge is when she defends Christi.  If she thinks I've done something unfair or unkind to my sweet wife, Jesi lets me know!  Like this:

-"Dad, The Woman needs some rest!  You clean the dishes!"
-"Dad, you don't talk to The Woman like that!"
-"Dad, The Woman said she needs some chocolate!  Go to the store and get some!"

I have the feeling that I better get used to the concept of The Woman, or more appropriately The Women, letting me know where I stand for the next many, many years;)