Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Why So Much Soph?

As you look at Sophi, you might think it's odd that such a small child warrants such a large number of posts on our blog.  But if you were to come live with us, you would realize that the number of posts that focus on her is directly proportional to the number of words that come out of her mouth:)  She is a veritable cornucopia of source material!


Sophi came into our bedroom early this morning as Christi and I were praying.  She quietly cuddled up to us and listened to the end of our prayer.  When we were done, she gave each of us a huge hug and told us how much she loved us.  As she walked away, she turned to me and said, "Dad, you need to take a shower."  I asked, "Why?"  Without any hesitation (or tact) she answered, "Because you stink!"


Last night, Christi and I went on a date to go see Taylor and Parker play basketball games.  We got back home after Sophi was in bed.  This morning Sophi asked me:  "Did you see a movie last night?"

Me:  "No."

Sophi:  "So you didn't see "Inside-Out?"  (In case you live in a cave, this is Pixar's latest animated movie which came out last weekend.)

Me:  "No.  We'll see it with you."

Sophi:  "But I want to know if it's good first!  It says (then she whispers) shut-up.  (Still whispering...) The daughter says that to her parents!"

Me:  "Can we see it if it says shut-up?"

Sophi:  "I don't know!"

I think it is very sweet that she is concerned about the content of the movies she watches.  I love that when she wanted to know if it was good,  she meant virtuous, not entertaining.  What a great kid!


PS.  Both boys played well in their games.  Parker had his typical frenetic energy, yielding several steals, but he couldn't get his shot going and they lost by 2 points in a hard-fought game.  Taylor played exceptionally well, with over 20 points, a few blocks and assists and a great defensive effort.  As a young father, I had no idea how much I would enjoy (and sometimes stress over!) watching them play:)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fairy Tales

I'm not sure the background to this conversation.  Sophi just came into my room and started talking:

Sophi:  "So flying horses aren't real?"

Me:  "No."

Sophi:  "Then how do princesses get to school?"

Me:  "Sorry to tell you this, but they just ride in cars."

She thinks for a moment, then gives me a look that displays her utter contempt for my ignorance.  She says, "No; Carriages!"

Love that kid:)  Happy Father's Day!


Thursday, June 18, 2015

2015 Youth Conference

Graci, Taylor, Parker and Cali all attended youth conference last week.  There were around 100 youth from our area that went up to beautiful Bear Lake and had a great time.  Spiritual development and fun activities combined to make a memorable 3-night trip.  Several of the leaders talked about how great each one of our kids was!  Thanks to all four of you for being so good:)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

All Grown Up

I would guess that most parents with more than one child can remember a particular article of clothing that went through more than one of their kids.  We have a pair of children's size 10/11 flip flops from Old Navy that went through at least five of ours.  When we bought them for Taylor they had a sunny beach scene on them with palm trees and a shoreline.  Now, after going through Taylor, Parker, Jessica, Lexi and Sophi, you can see the toe and heel prints going all the way through the printed image and the rest is just faded to yellow and white.

Yesterday I found Christi cleaning up Lexi and Sophi's room.  She held up these cute little flip flops and, with genuine sadness, informed me that we no longer had any children who fit into this 12-year-old footwear.  The silliest things can tug at your heart strings as a dad.  The flip flops themselves are of little value, but seeing all of our kids grow out of them made me realize just how fast everyone is growing up.

I am so grateful for the time I have had and continue to have with this fantastic group!  Thanks to all of my kids for giving me so many great times and great memories.  I love you all!


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dare to Dream

I stumbled across this beautiful music video a couple of days ago.

Today, Sophi watched it with me.  Here are her thoughts:

"It was awesome.  'Cuz she got to do dance like me.  I think she's special 'cuz who she is.  Not because of her talent it's because how she was made."  (Not quite understanding that this little girl's limb difference is due to an accident.)

Sophi, you are indeed special because of how you are made.  But as anyone who knows you understands, it's how you are made on the inside that make you special.  Your perfect and beautiful body sets you apart in some ways, but your beautiful spirit makes you extraordinary.  We are SO blessed to have you in our family!



Saturday, June 13, 2015


Conversation while driving:

Sophi to Conner:  "What's your favorite color?"

Conner:  "I don't know color."

Sophi:  "Like, red, yellow, purple..."

Conner (interrupting):  "I know, I know.  I know color.  But I no see color.  So I don't know favorite.  I just see black.  Only black."

Sophi:  "Then black's your favorite color!"

Conner:  "No, black no my favorite!  I no like black.  I see black all day.  Black, black, black.  I no like black."

We all sit quietly.  I'm trying to comprehend the magnitude of what he has said without having my heart ripped out.   Then Conner quietly says, "Mom, I know doctor no can fix my eyes.  But you think maybe doctor fix my eyes just a little so I can see just a little like Marilyn (his friend who is visually impaired.)   Then, Lexi, piping up for the first time, says, "Conner, Jesus will fix your eyes.  And my eyes.  But it will be a long, long time.  I know-- it's not fair."

Everyone, I hope that whatever your trials and struggles are today, that you can look around you and soak in the fact that you can see.  Look at the beauty surrounding you and for just a minute, try to fully comprehend what a blessing sight is and enjoy it a little extra for my Conner and Lexi and Elli.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Coach

I walked into the kitchen the other day and found Sophi and Lexi doing this:

All I can say is I pity the fool who tries to break into our house!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Special Kid:)

Here are Sophi's pictures from her year of dance.  Does she sparkle or what?

Thanks, Dad!

OK, in my previous post I made a grievous error.  As my dad pointed out in his comment, Sophi is indeed 6, not 7.  Do I get any leeway for the fact that I have 10 kids?  Either because it's hard to keep track of so many birthdates and ages, or just because 10 kids scrambles your brain?

Old for her age?

Today was a CRAZY day.  For starters, six of our kids left for multi-night activities.  Taylor, Parker, Graci and Cali are at a church youth conference at Bear Lake.  They'll come back Friday afternoon.  Lexi and Conner are at a braille camp and will return on Thursday.  I had to leave for work at 6:30am, Christi had to take the braille camp kids at 7:15am, and the other four had to be at church at 8:00 am. It's a short drive to the church, but too far to walk, so we had to arrange for them to be picked up.  (It was hard to not be there when they left on such a long trip:(

This afternoon we got a call from some friends who are moving.  We had been planning on helping them some today, but things had changed, and instead of having a day or two to get everything out, it had to be out by tonight.  So we spent quite awhile with them, loading and unloading, transferring food from the old fridge to the new, removing brackets from walls, etc.  We also had their daughter Erin come play with Jesi and Sophi.  Our girls loved it, and it freed up our friends to focus more on the move.  Later in the evening, Christi's sister, Leslie, and her family came over.  They're staying the night.  We all stayed up late, adults talking in the great room.  Boys upstairs playing games.  Girls in Jessica's room doing makeovers.

I finally took Erin to their interim apartment and helped unload the last U-Haul load.  By the time we finished it was after midnight.  Sophi and Jesi came with me to drop Erin off.  As we were driving away from the apartment, Jessica turned on the radio.  Sophi (never shy or quiet) pipes up from the back seat:

"Can you turn on talk radio?"

Me:  "What?!?"

Soph:  "Can you turn on talk radio?"

Me:  "Talk radio?!?!?  (she's 7!)

Sophi:  "Yes."

Me:  "Why talk radio?"

Sophi:  "It calms me."

OK.  Didn't see that one coming.  I asked her if she wanted sports talk radio and she enthusiastically said, "Sports!  Yes!!!"  It's fun to have one daughter who likes to watch sports with me.  Hopefully that continues for years to come, sweet Sophi:)


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Out Of the Woods!

Lexi is obsessed with "Into the Woods."  I mean, like "more-than-she-was-obsessed-with-Frozen" obsessed.  It was one of the first movies that she attended in the theater and had a descriptive services headset.  Descriptive services add a narrator to the movie who talks when there is no dialogue.  The narrator describes what those of us with sight are able to see.  It's a great service for the visually impaired and Lexi LOVES it!  Prior to seeing the movie, Christi had given her the soundtrack CD, so Lex knew all of the songs and had already sung them hundreds of times before going to the theater.  After she saw the movie, a sweet couple from our church congregation took her to a local high school production of the play.  Now, in addition to the soundtrack, she owns two copies of the movie:  a digital copy on Amazon that Christi got for her, and a DVD that Christi got for her after we realized the digital copy didn't have the descriptive services option.  Lexi and Sophi sing the songs from this musical multiple times a day.  At the top of their lungs.  Over and over.  It's a beautiful thing.

Despite all of this, I had not yet seen the movie.  Christi impressed upon me the fact that it was very important to Lexi that I watch it with her.  When I demurred, Christi impressed upon me the fact that my future happiness in my marital relationship was largely dependent on my watching it with Lexi.  I saw the light.  So one Sunday afternoon, Christi, Lexi, Sophi and I cuddled in our bed to watch Into the Woods.  It was a painful experience.  While watching Captain Kirk belt out 'Agony' was a bit of a fanboy fantasy, and while the songwriting was exceptional, the movie itself had a warped storyline and was waaaay too long.  At the point in the movie where it looks like everyone is going to live happily ever after and I would be able to turn off the TV (and I was dozing off already), Christi turned to me and said, "that's the end of Act I."  I totally thought she was joking, and once I realized it was true, I began to understand the true meaning of 'Agony!'  [Side note: after finding the link to 'Agony' above, I have been playing the song while working on this post.  Sure enough, like moths to a flame, there are now two darling little girls in my office ;)]

Of course I didn't let Lex and Soph know my true feelings.  I talked about how fun the music was and how great the various characters were.  Continuing with their love of this musical, these two little angels decided to put on their own production.  On my way home from work the next evening I got a call from Christi.  "Hurry back!  Lexi and Sophi are putting on a production of Into the Woods for us and can't wait for you to get here."  Barely able to contain my joy, I put the pedal to the medal and arrived just in time for curtain call.  Jessica was invited to be the narrator, Sophi was Rapunzel and Lexi was every other role (except milky white, the cow, who was played by Molly).  In the pictures below, notice Lexi's red cape and Sophi's Rapunzel hair (some kind of nylon stocking with a belt to extend it).  Very clever costumes with no help from mom and dad.

And so their production began.  We began to video.  My attention span is not tremendously long.  5 minutes.  8 minutes.  12 minutes.  15 minutes.  Finally I realized the truth.  Having seen the movie just the day before, I was very familiar with the storyline, dialogue and songs.  Suddenly I knew.  I turned to Christi and said, "They are going to do the ENTIRE movie!  Line for line!!!"  Fortunately, despite her attention span being decidedly more 'kid-prodution-friendly' than mine, Christi knew it just wouldn't work for us to watch a full 2.5 hour musical that particular evening.  She asked the girls to do two more of their favorite parts and then it would be time for dinner.

I love our girls!  They did a fantastic job.  I'm embedding a video below.  It's 15 minutes long, so just skip around to a couple of scenes to see a bit of their creativity.  Enjoy!


Friday, May 15, 2015

Daily Dose of Soph

While we were on our cruise...

Jen and Sophi were together when Xander came into the room and asked what his chore would be.  Jen told him he would help her move things as she vacuumed.  

Sophi: "Why are you vacuuming?"

Jen:  "Because it's Saturday and we need to do it."

Sophi:  "But why?  Is someone coming?"



Sophi painted these toes herself.  She did a better job than I would have done!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Ultimate Career

I read a wonderful quote from C.S. Lewis this morning:

"The homemaker has the ultimate career.  All other careers exist for one purpose only -- and that is to support the ultimate career."

What a true, yet easily forgotten concept.  Regardless of whether it's mom, dad or both that are in the workforce earning a living, all other careers exist for one purpose only:  to support a home with a nurturing and loving environment.

In a belated mother's day tribute, let me just say how grateful I am for my amazing wife Christianne.  An incredible mother.  An unsurpassed spouse.  She excels at the ultimate career.

Thank you, sweetheart, for all you do for our family.



Sunday, May 10, 2015

Favorite Aunt(s)

I was blessed to grow up in close proximity to my three aunts on my mom's side.  Actually, my mom has four sisters, but the oldest, Joyce, passed away at age 16, long before I was born.  I look forward to meeting her someday.  I have heard many wonderful things about her over the years.  My three aunts and I had a special relationship.  They were often over at our house while I was growing up.  We usually had a large family Christmas gathering at our home with my mom's family.  They would often come over just to chit-chat or play Yahtzee or have lunch together.  Often my mom would take my siblings and me to visit them as well.  And of course we would all get together at my grandpa's cabin in the mountains at least a couple of  times a year.  I have fond memories of these three great women all through my growing up years.

They really looked after me, too.  As I said, they were often over at our home.  Any time they heard I was going to scout camp or a school band trip or EFY (Especially For Youth summer camp at BYU), they would play meet it or beat it.  One of them would pull out a $10 bill, hold it up in the air and say, "Meet it or beat it!" and then hand it to me.  I'd get a big goofy grin on my face and just wait for the cash to pour in.  My other two aunts and their mom, Grandma Lind, would join in, each either meeting or beating the $10 given to me by the first.  It was a bit like a poker game, with each one calling or raising.  "$15!"..."$20!"...and so forth.  I could easily head off to my activity with fifty to sixty dollars in my pocket.

My aunt Barbara had four children, and she would often bring the younger two over to our house on Friday nights while she and her husband went on a date.  If I knew they were coming, I would time my evening plans around them being there.  As they dropped off the kids I'd ask if they could give me a ride to my best friend's house a mile or two away.  They would always say yes, and as I got out of the car, Barbara would hand me a $5 bill and say, "This is for having to ride with us!"

For a long time, aunt Debbie lived about a half mile from our house.  We would often go over there and play with her kids and her dog.  As a very young boy, I remember visiting her old A-frame house at the beach and going fishing with a cousin off of a bridge close by.  We caught a small flounder that we threw back.  Debbie LOVED the beach and, even since I have had my own family, she and sometimes her kids would come down for a day or two during the week we would have our Green family reunion in a house on the coast.

Aunt Becky had the most awesome house.  It was a large home that was pretty large, at least as I remember it.  I believe it had three stories plus a really cool attic.  Sometimes we would have our Christmas gatherings there.  There was a ping-pong table where I got lots of lessons from my older cousins Doug and Todd.  I remember staying the night over there a couple of times as a kid.

Often as I interacted with them, they would say, "'Cuz I'm your favorite aunt!"  And I would respond, "Yes!  You're my favorite aunt!"  (And of course, whichever of them was handing me money was decidedly my favorite aunt at that moment;)  All three of them, along with Grandma Lind, really were fantastic to me as I was growing up.  I'm so grateful to them for the wonderful memories they helped me create.

So it was with great sadness that I learned of Aunt Debbie's passing this week.  She was a great woman, and in recent years was enjoying her new grandchildren.  I'm so sorry for her kids and grandkids to have lost her at such a relatively young age.

Good-bye for now, Aunt Debbie.  Thank you for being so sweet, not only to me, but to my kids.  Thanks for spending a week helping your daughter, Chelsea, tend our large family while Christi and I went on vacation.  Thank you for coming to Utah with my mom and helping us when we just had one little boy and we were coming apart at the seams trying to figure out how to be new parents.  Thank you for the many times you made me laugh.  You will be missed.



Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Good Advice!

Christi was very sweet tonight and told me she would take care of getting the kids to bed.  I could get some work done or read or do watch a playoff game or whatever I wanted.  Thank you, honey!

As I was walking out to the kitchen to enjoy my little respite, she told that kids that Dad was done "Daddying" for the day and that I was off limits.  "So," she said, "is there any last thing you want to say to him before he leaves?"

Lexi quickly pipes up:  "Don't break up with your wife!"

Fine counsel sweet Lex:)

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Me Sophi

Sophi now has a YouTube channel called "MeSophi."  This is due to what she says anytime we record her:  "Hi.  This is me, Sophi..."  Pretty cute kid!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Backhanded Compliment?

Lexi, with the sincerest intent to pay me a compliment:  "Dad!  I love you as much as I love Into the Woods!"  I guess I'm in good company:)


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Out of the Mouths of Our Kids

This evening my aunt Dian and uncle Dave came for dinner.  They brought along a couple of college students that work for them.  Both of these girls are from China.  One is here on a student visa and speaks fluent Chinese.  The other was adopted from China at 18 months old and speaks no Chinese.  One of the girls brought her boyfriend named Jonathan.  Jonathan is of Taiwanese descent, grew up in Maryland speaking no Chinese, then served a Mormon mission in Australia speaking Mandarin.  Our kids loved having other Chinese speakers in the home and our visitors enjoyed getting to know our special family:)

At one point Sophi had this conversation with Christi:

Sophi:  "You know that Chinese boy that's here?  I don't think he's a grownup.  I think he's a kid."

Christi:  "Why do you think that?"

Soph:  "Because I checked to see if he was wearing a ring."

Christi:  "Sophi, why were you checking for that?  (Sophi gets a big grin on her face)  Do you have a crush?"  

Sophi wouldn't respond with anything but a smile.  We may need to keep tabs on this one!


Yesterday Taylor was driving Conner, Lexi and me home from an activity with the Utah School for the Blind.  (Taylor's first foray on the freeway!  He did very well:)  Conner asked if driving was hard. I told him can be hard to learn, but once you are comfortable with it, driving is really pretty easy.  I asked him if he wanted to learn to drive.  He started laughing loudly then said, "If I drive, it like roller coaster!"  An apt description:)


Parker had a basketball game last night.  (Side note-that kid can flat out play!  20 points.  4 for 5 from  three point range, 4 for 5 from the free throw line and 6 or 7 steals.)  Taylor, Sophi and I went to watch.  As we sat down and watched Parker's team warm up, I was suddenly hit by how soon my big boys are going to graduate and be gone.  I looked at Sophi and asked, "What are you going to do when Taylor goes on his mission?"  She looked up at me with big sad eyes and said, "I don't know."  Then a light went on in those eyes and she said, "I know what I'm going to do when Parker goes on his mission.  I'm going to play his Xbox!"  Well, we know who will be missed;)


After Parker's game, we stopped at Scheel's 'cuz Sophi loves to ride the Ferris Wheel.  We went to the counter and asked to buy four tickets.  The clerk explained that they stopped selling tickets an hour before closing due to the potential for long lines.  I thought for a minute, then very nicely asked if I might talk to a manager.  When the manager arrived, I lifted Sophi up on the counter and said, "This is Sophi.  She was SO excited to ride your Ferris Wheel.  I know you don't sell tickets this late, but could you possible make an exception for this very special little girl?"  (OK, I know it was kind of lame.  But really, a kid that goes through life dealing with Sophi's challenges deserves a break now and again.)  The kind manager not only said yes, he gave us the tickets for free.  What a great guy.  My favorite part of the story is this:  Since we only had two tickets, two of us wouldn't be able to ride.  I told Parker he could ride with Sophi, and he proceeded to ask her, "Sophi, would you like to go on a date with me on the Ferris Wheel?"  What a fantastic big brother and young man!


Lexi LOVES the movie "Into the Woods."  We've tried to figure out how we can watch it at home with descriptive services, but no luck yet.  We bought an electronic copy anyway, and Lexi watched it  twice today.  As I was tucking her in tonight she said, "I'm going to watch Into the Woods tomorrow."  "Again?!?" I asked.  She giggled and said, "I'm incessed with it!"  Sophi piped up from the bottom bunk, "Yeah!  She's incessed!"  We worked on their pronunciation.  I still haven't seen it.  One of these days I'll have to sit with these two beautiful girls and see what all of the fuss is about.


Conner to Lexi, "Lexi, did you know that when I married, my name still Conner Green but when you get married, you not Lexi Green anymore. You name change. Like maybe it will be Lexi Blue or Lexi Purple." smile emoticon

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Poetic License

We invited Jen to do a guest post for the blog as the culmination of her nine days of caring for our kids.  So here is a fun synopsis of the week from my talented little sister:)

Ten children, nine days, 1 dog, and a spinster:
It sounds like some dumb Lifetime movie.
But this was real life, and while certainly hard,
The experience mostly was groovy.

The kids are amazing; they’re helpful and sweet—
My wonderful nephews and nieces.
But if you’re like me, without kids of your own,
Handling 10 can reduce you to pieces.

It’s 10 little lives all dependent on you!
It’s 10 breakfasts, 10 lunches, 10 dinners!
It’s Cub Scouts and dance class, voice lessons and B-ball.
It is simply not made for beginners!

There’s homework to check, school projects to do.
There’s housework and cleaning, dog-walking.
There’s family prayer, and bedtime routines.
For 10 kids! The commitment is shocking.

And let’s face it, this family is not quite the norm.
It’s not just 10 kids you are facing.
It’s all kids of special requirements and needs
That those watching them must be embracing.

From blindness to wheelchairs and Soph without arms.
And really, it’s all quite amazing.
But this family just works as they all help each other.
These kids, I’ll forever be praising.

So yes, it is work, and yes, it’s exhausting,
And yes, my feet hurt every evening.
And yes, I admit as the days counted down,
I was not so depressed to be leaving.

Back to my life of my sweet spinsterhood!
Back to no kids and to quiet.
Back to a full DVR and my bed.
Away from the racket and riot!

And yet…those sweet children, they enter your heart.
And quickly, quite quickly, you miss it.
You’re missing the racket and riot and work.
You’re missing the time of your visit.

Because you discover, while caring for them,
That your trials in this life are tiny.
To complain about trivial problems you face
Just seems awfully silly and whiny.

And you miss all the hugs that those children give out.
And you miss all the smiles and kisses.
And you miss the cute things that the little ones say.
There’s a long list of the things this Miss misses!

And so, I will do it again, I am sure,
Giving Christi and Jer a vacation.
‘Cuz they do this all YEAR, each day in, each day out.
With barely a moment’s cessation.

So I’ll sign up again and be happy to help.
And I’ll go and play “Mom” at my best.
 Just maybe don’t ask me for several months
‘Cuz I’m still catching up on my rest!


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Find Me-Second Showing in Utah

Find Me - the documentary will be showing again at the Megaplex Theater at the District this Saturday, April 25, at 11:30 a.m. This is a last minute showing, so we would LOVE your help spreading the word so we can fill up the seats quickly!  smile emoticon Buy Tickets Here

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Our Hero!

I have several heroes in my life.  The one I am currently amazed by is my younger sister, Jennifer.  Christi and I had the AWESOME blessing of going on a Caribbean cruise last week.  We went with Christi's parents, three of her siblings and their spouses.  No kids!  It was a much appreciated opportunity to relax and get away from the challenges of daily life.  

Who in the world, you may ask, stayed with your kids?!?  Aunt Jenny:)  Jen is a wonderful woman.  She is extremely organized.  She took Christi's 12-page document of instructions for the week and doubled it, making sure that every minute of every day was accounted for and that as few surprises as possible would pop up.  The kids had a great time with her and they were all alive and accounted for when we returned.  Pretty incredible!  Thanks again, Jen, for a wonderful trip.  Thanks for being such a great sister and aunt.  We love you!

While on the cruise, we had limited email access and received a few updates from Jen.  Here is my favorite:

It is 9:50 p.m. All the kids are in bed, some of them long ago...some of them not so much. It snowed today. This added an element of wet, muddy mess to Molly. And the snow meant I had to drive Jesi to dance and Xander to his pack meeting because I just couldn't let them walk there and get freezing cold and I had all sorts of time to spare because this happened on a night of Elli absolutely breaking down and screaming and fighting so hard it took Taylor, Parker, Graci, and me to get her into PJs. And she bit me hard. Even drew blood, believe it or not.  But that's okay because this was the night that I found out Sophi had an animal project that was already due today, so had to be done tonight in order to be turned in only 1 day late (tomorrow). But that's okay because this was the night  I had already promised Cali I would try a couple different hair coloring things she had to see if they would work because I know she wants to color her hair. None of them worked anyway (none of them were permanent). But I didn't want to back down on that promise because there's not a lot I can do to connect with her and I wanted to keep my commitment to her. But that's okay because this was the night Sophi and Lexi needed their baths and I really just couldn't move it tomorrow because tomorrow is New Beginnings. But that's okay because this was also the night I had to edit Taylor's paper because it's due tomorrow. I had asked him Sunday and Monday if I could edit it because I don't like to procrastinate, but he kept putting me off and since it's due tomorrow, finally had to be done tonight.

All-in-all, I'm quite impressed it's only 9:50.

Oh, but I still have to clean the disaster of a kitchen 'cuz I told the kids I'd do it because they were all behind on their chores and homework because Matt and Carla and their 6 kids visited today until about 4:30. Which was great, of course, but pushed schedules back.

I deserve a freaking medal.



You absolutely deserve a medal, Jen!  We can't thank you enough:)


Thursday, April 16, 2015

60 days later

We did it Taylor! 60 posts in 60 days! Thanks for the wake up call. Someday these posts will be like magic for your kids and grandkids. They'll be able to see you and your siblings progress through many precious stages of your childhood. 

Know that mom and dad love each of you so very much!