Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pizza Lovers!

Yesterday was one of those crazy days.  Baseball practices and dance are pretty normal, but as an added prize we had a wedding reception to attend.  (Yes, on a Tuesday.)  It was for the daughter of one of my mom's very close friends, and Graci was asked to help serve.  Christi got Grace all gussied up to the point where I did a double take when I saw her.  Christi and Graci left for the reception while I was still running baseball practice for Taylor and Parker.  On my way home, Christi called and mentioned that things had been too rushed to get dinner ready and could I pick something up?  I rushed home, grabbed Xander and shuttled him to his baseball practice and then stopped at Little Ceasar's to get pizza and breadsticks.  Problem solved:)

After picking Xander up from practice and helping Parker get the littles to bed, I changed and hurried off to catch the tail end of the reception.  Both of my girls were working hard to help things run smoothly (and both were looking stunning!).  I enjoyed some good food and conversation.  At one point, Christi asked me what I had done for dinner.

"I picked up pizza!" I proudly proclaimed.

"Pizza?  Really?"

"Yes (a little less proud at this point).  Is there something wrong with that?"

"Well, I got them pizza last night, remember?"

At that point I did remember.  She had brought pizza to our baseball game last night and had eaten with the kids while watching the team play.  I never had any, so it kind of slipped my mind.  "What were you thinking I should get them?"

Christi answered, "I was thinking hamburgers or something.  Pizza for dinner two nights in a row.  Wow, we're great parents!"

At this point, Graci chimed in.  "Actually, yesterday was pizza day at school,  soooo...the kids had pizza for lunch AND dinner yesterday.  Then they got up and had leftover pizza for breakfast and for their after school snack today.  THEN they had pizza for dinner tonight."


As I was fixing lunches this morning, Xander came in to get his breakfast.  There was no meandering today.  No searching for oatmeal or cereal or toast.  He made a beeline for exactly what he wanted...yesterday's leftover pizza....