Sunday, December 23, 2012


At Cali's request, I put a little bit of make-up on her and curled her hair for church.   Um, wow!  As Jeremy said, "This girl is not going to have a hard time getting a date."

Also, I don't know if we mentioned that our fabulous friends lined up a special homecoming for Cali, complete with Santa Claus!   KSL did a nice write-up on it-- you can find it HERE.  Oh, and I have a favor-- someone on there left a comment asking where we found Cali's profile.  I tried to leave a reply, but because I had already left a reply to another comment, it wouldn't let me (there is a one reply limit.)  If someone happens to go on there and reply to that comment stating that Cali was found on the wonderfulwaitingkids website, that would be so great!  (You can't give the complete URL or it won't post.)  I would die if someone is really interested in adoption but didn't know where to go!!!

We are exhausted.  We are not ready for Christmas.  We are still recovering from jet lag and me from my ear infection/vertigo.  We are a bit stressed.

But we are TOGETHER.  (:


Can't You See, Dad?

Lexi was standing in front of our locked bedroom door, about to be charged with breaking and entering.  (Yeah, we have pretty much no privacy in our lives.  Our bedroom is grand central station around here.)  I noticed her fiddling with the lock and said "Lexi!  You can't go in there!  There are Christmas presents."  Lexi quickly replied, "I can't see."  Me, not catching the significance, "Um, that's right.  You can't see."  Lexi: "I blind!!!"  Suddenly it dawned on me.  "You're right Lex.  You're blind.  You go right on into the Christmas present room:)"