Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Fall Break in Moab

What a blast. We stayed three nights in the beauty of Southeastern Utah. Jesi, Lexi, Xander and Sophi were with us, along with Jesi's friend Paige. We visited Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, went horseback riding in the most amazing old west setting you can imagine, did some rappelling, and even had time to soak in the hot tub. All in all a GREAT trip. So grateful to have Christi Green as my partner in crime for all of this:)

Balanced Rock - Arches NP

Double Arch - Arches NP

Lexi was so proud that she wedged herself all the way back here on her own!

Sophi got a bit stuck and Jesi helped her. Then of course they needed a photo!

The setting was unbelievable. Jon Bon Jovi recorded the video for "Blaze of Glory" on one of those mesas.

Our little horse lover!

Tandem rappelling with mom:)

Xander braves a big drop.

Jesi overcomes her fear of heights.

Shafer Canyon overlook - Canyonlands NP

Mesa Arch - Canyonlands NP

Notice Delicate Arch faaaaar in the background:)

Grand View Overlook - Canyonlands NP

Green River Overlook - Canyonlands NP

This guy is so amazing! So grateful he's our son:)

The sand at Sand Dune Arch is about as soft as you'll ever experience. Shoes not necessary.

So. Much. Sand.

A few pictures with Taylor, Parker and my dad from trips down there in 2008 and 2009. So cute! Miss those kiddos.


  1. What a fun post. I'm so glad you're still posting. I check in often to see if there is something new. I love reading about what you and the kids are up to. You are an inspiration to other adoptive parents like myself. It seems that you are doing well. That's great to see and hear! -- MayLynne (in Canada)

  2. I have followed your family for many years. I check this site often for an update and I was thrilled to find one. Much love from Georgia.

  3. Wow! That looks AMAZING! Does this mean you're all healed from COVID-19?

  4. I hadn't checked the blog for awhile...what a great treat to find all those gorgeous pics! And I loved the flashback pics!

  5. When will Sophie post video on YouTube again? been too long

  6. So fun to remember those great adventures with my son and grandsons!

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