Monday, August 4, 2008


Happy Birthday, darling Graci!!!! Graci turned ten years old today. She has been so excited for her birthday to come and to get spoiled. In China, she didn’t have presents or a party on her birthday, so she thinks America birthdays are “sweet!” She loved having breakfast in bed, opening presents, eating KFC for lunch and Chinese for dinner, and delivering her birthday invitations—party is Saturday. She has come a VERY LONG WAY in the 8+ months that she has been in our home. Her zeal for life, courage, faith, and resilience are such an example to our family. Happy Birthday—we love you Gracelin Kate Green!!


    I have to admit that we do miss you guys - and we think of ya'll often and fondly! If you ever find your way to the mid-west there's room in our home for as many of your 'quiver' as you bring!

    Great to read your updates -

    aus and family (your GZ friend!)

  2. Man, I am afraid I will forevermore love your daughter, Graci Kate. Since I first saw her photos, I was smitten. She is wonderful.

    Happy Birthday, dear Graci. You *have* come alooong way this year.

    Your family loves you BIG. I can't wait to see what God has for you to do with your life. He is awfully fond of you, you know!

    Your 'Aunt Teri' in Iowa is blessed to know you. I look forward to seeing you grow into a woman who loves the Lord first and best.


    (from Iowa)


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