Thursday, August 7, 2008

Good Kids

Once a month our church publishes 3 magazines. One is for adults, one for teens, and one for children. The magazine for children is called: "The Friend." We subscribe to these magazines. The other day, they came in the mail, and Parker immediately said, "Can I just sit down and read The Friend for awhile?"

Talk about making a parents day! He was excited to read this magazine filled with uplifting and spiritually educational stories. It's great that he can hit home runs in baseball, but this is the stuff that really counts! (Note the gratuitous mention of his athletic prowess in this story:) What can I say, I'm a proud papa!)


  1. I know what you mean. When those magazines come our kids see who can get to them first, then the arguing begins over who gets to read it first. Fortunately we have older kids who enjoy the New Era but they "fight" to get it first, as well. I have contemplated getting a second set just so they can all enjoy them right away. I love that they enjoy them that much and desire to read them like that!

  2. I am going to take on your challenge. I can make it tonight. I won't charge you anything because I can't guarentee it resemble a tiger!! haha. But I sure will try! Just tell me what cake flavor to do and I will do my best! Get my number from leslie and you can call me whenever. I can meet you where you need me to in the morning, that won't be a problem. Fun! I hope I can pull through for Gracie!


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