Sunday, August 3, 2008

Held Hostage

Christi is making me do this. She said she won't watch I Love Lucy with me unless I sit down and write on this newly created Green Family Blog. So here I am, being held hostage as it were.

Once a year, most of the congregations in our church (each congregation is called a ward-those of you who know me may think this may have something to do with mental capacities, but it really doesn't). Anyway, once a year most wards hold a "Father and Sons Camp Out." It's a great time for boys to get away with their dads. We've gone every year since Taylor was 1, and it's become one of the boys favorite things to do. They look forward to it each summer with great anticipation.

So this year was a little unique! We left our home on Friday and headed south to Payson (about 1.5 hours) to go the camp out. One of the games our kids like to play as we drive is: Fortunately/Unfortunately, so I'll give you the story in that format...:)

Fortunately this was the weekend of the father and sons camp out!
Unfortunately, we left about an hour and a half later than we had planned.
Fortunately, it was still early enough that we would be able to have enough light to enjoy the lake once we got there.
Unfortunately, there was some sort of roadside incident near Provo which cost us close to 30 minutes.
Fortunately, the boys had brought enough books, leapster games, etc, to keep them busy the entire time. (By the way, much of this stuff for Taylor was focused on his Cub Scout advancement. I'm proud to say he has now earned his Wolf badge and five arrows!)
Unfortunately, we saw a forest fire up ahead!
Fortunately, it looked very far away.
Unfortunately, when got to our exit, we realized the fire was very near the canyon we were headed to.
Fortunately, the smoke wasn't thick enough to cut off our vision, and we could still see the road.
Unfortunately, we weren't smart enough to turn around and go back home, or at least to another campsite.
Fortunately, our final destination was far enough up the canyon that the air was clear, and all looked to be well.
Unfortunately, there were not too many great sites to pitch a tent.
Fortunately, we were some of the first people there, so we got to choose a great site, with lots of shade for the morning. We were so excited!
Unfortunately, as we set up our tent, we realized that the zipper was broken. We struggled and pulled and cajoled the stubborn thing, but it did not want to zip correctly.
Fortunately we were able to take our minds off of this with a short drive down to Payson lake.
Unfortunately, poor Parker lost his footing and fell in the lake (ok, maybe dad had something to do with that!)
Fortunately, the water was great and several of us decided to go swimming.
Unfortunately, Taylor decided he did NOT want to go swimming.
Fortunately, Dad is much stronger that Taylor and was able to help him see how fun swimming would be. (I put him on my shoulders, carried him about 20 feet in to the lake, taking care not to get him wet, and then said: "OK, it's up to you. I'm not going to make you get in. If you just want to go back to shore, go ahead!:))
Unfortunately, when I put Taylor into the lake, I totally messed up my back! I couldn't (and still can't) walk or stand up straight. I was practically useless, and the camp out had just started!
Fortunately, the boys are old enough to help quite a bit, and we were able to get dinner in spite of my pathetic condition
Unfortunately, the boys were too tired to play Monopoly in the tent that night
Fortunately, they were awake enough to read a chapter of "The Last Battle" by C.S. Lewis before they fell asleep.
Unfortunately, my back hurt too much for me to fall asleep very quickly
Fortunately, by around 11:45 pm, I finally conked out.
Unfortunately, at 12:00 am, I was awakened by a church leader who was letting all of us know that the forest rangers said we had to evacuate the camp due to forest fire danger!!!
Fortunately, after several minutes of prodding and pushing and calling their names and asking for help quite loudly, I was able to awaken Parker. (Taylor sleeps very deeply, and it was several more minutes before he woke up.)
Unfortunately, as soon as Parker realized what was happening, he started bawling uncontrollably, convinced we were about to be consumed by fire.
Fortunately, with the help of some fellow campers, we were able to get our camp broken down and loaded into the car in spite of my back pains and Parker's fears.
Unfortunately, we were told we could not go back down the canyon the same way we came. Instead, we had to go through the full Mt. Nebo scenic loop, adding at least an hour to our drive time.
Fortunately, we made it home safely
Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) there will not be another father and sons camp out until next year:)



  1. That is so fortunate/unfortunate! I'm glad Christi got you to write--it's fun hearing from both of you.

  2. Fortunatley, you're a great dad Jeremy! Unfortunately, well nothing-you're a great dad and I love reading about your exciting adventures!

  3. You guys are both great (and hilarious) writers! We decided to start from the beginning!


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