Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School!

Today our oldest three started the new school year!! (Jesi and Elli started last week and I'll write about that next). They are going to a new charter school that we are VERY excited about!!! We had back to school night last week and we met their fabulous teachers and had a tour of the brand new building. They have to wear school uniforms-- tops are red, white, light or navy blue, and bottoms are khaki, tan, navy or black. I love it-- it makes getting ready so much easier because everything coordinates so well. And you don't have to worry about trends or anything being immodest. This morning found them so excited and nervous! I can't wait to pick them up and see how everything went!! Graci said she woke up six times last night because she was so nervous! (: We feel so blessed to have them in this school!


  1. Back to school time is always so exciting! How fun!

  2. That's so neat they get to go to a charter school!I can't believe Jesi is in kindergarten.

  3. Hey kids, you are going to have a GREAT year at your new school. You will be wonderful students and the teachers will wish they had a full class of Taylors, Parkers, and Gracis. Have Fun


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