Thursday, September 11, 2008


A couple of days ago, Taylor brought home a school assignment. The assignment was for him to complete a paper that started with: "My family is..." This is his paper, word for word and with his spelling:

My family is...strange because I have two adopted sisters and a brother and sister who died in my mom's stomach. Plus I have a sister whos brain doesn't work and one of my adopeted sisters is blind and the other has heart problems. I'm the fourth oldest in my family. I have two brothers and four sisters. I do lots of things with my family, vacations, playing games, bike riding and most importanty being together. My number one absolutely favorite thing about my family is that we are really unike [unique]. By Taylor Green

Truly, we are unique. It's amazing how wonderful that can be.

Graci is getting nervous about her surgery next week. We just hope she does as well as last time. Thanks for all of your interest, love and prayers!



  1. Prayers for Gracie and all you guys for next week! Are you 'unique'? Sure - but I think that's a good thing! In fact - I think that unique is cool!

    hugs to ya'll -

    aus and family

  2. Also offering prayers for Graci's surgery to be successful and her recovery to be swift. BTW, I love your unike family (wink)

  3. I love Taylor's summation of your family. The teacher has got to wonder how you get through the day! Prayers for Graci and all of you!

  4. Hey Christianne:

    Go visit my blog...I have left you something there!


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