Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wonderful friends

Thank-you, everyone, for your wonderful comments on the blog. They mean so much to us-- and we are so grateful for your kind words. I love getting comments from strangers and those who have followed our adoption stories. I have also received comments from a few old friends-- Kelli and others-- that have private blogs. I would LOVE to get in touch with you and follow your blogs, so please send me an invite at christi405@yahoo.com

Also, Marcy, if you are reading this-- I would love to get in touch with you and find out more about your sweet little girl-- please e-mail me!


  1. By golly ya'll know how to pack stuff into a day's postings!

    My friends - please know that we'll be praying for Dad until we hear the good news! In particular I'll have Brianna and Braelyn add there's in - He hears kids prayers 'better'!

    Great to hear about Gracie - we'll always have a warm spot for her!

    Keltson - welcome home - and if you get a chance - share a little of His reasoning with us - OK? I hope you are as proud of your son for choosing to say goodby as we are.

    As for the rest - ah life and times - ain't it grand?

    Hugs to all ya'll

    aus and family

  2. Thanks for the e-mail. I'll send you an invite.
    Good luck to your dad and we'll be praying for him. I think all of us who had him for a teacher would agree that he was a favorite and is such a great guy. Hope everything goes well. And I'm so glad your little Graci is doing so well!


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