Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall Fun

The last week of October we took the family to Thanksgiving Point. (Thanksgiving Point is kind of an eclectic grouping of fun family-oriented activities. There's a dinosaur museum, flower gardens, a small farm, a movie theater, and other things to do and see.) Around the holidays they have several fun things to do. We took the kids to CornBelly's corn maze. In addition to the maze itself there are many other fun things to do. We went on a hay ride (accompanied by a GREAT headless horseman!), went through a haunted house, jumped on something akin to a giant trampoline (dozens of people could fit on it at once) and saw a pumpkin princess, complete with a horse-drawn carriage. The kids enjoyed pony rides and cookies and ring-tosses. They got to see several different kinds of animals, including llamas, sheep, peacocks and goats. It was a fun night.



  1. Jer and family - just love seeing you guys! We do that a week or two sooner than ya'll do - Chusok is celebrated at 'Neiderman's Farm' - looks like about the same place a mite further east and north is all!

    Grand times - grand family -

    hugs -

    aus and family

  2. Jer - you look like you're about 16 in that family picture! Frame it! (Christi of course always looks young and gorgeous, so the fact that she looks 16 is nothing remarkable!) Looks like so much fun!

  3. Fun! So glad for the new post! Can't wait to see you guys!


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